Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The World I'd Give Away

I’d give away the hate

I’d give away the sorrow

For a little peace

I’d give away the quiet

And all my emptiness

For a little challenge

The world I’d give away

So I may lead the life I want

I’d give away the love

And all my ideals

Just for a bit of trouble

Giving the world away

To live my problems through

The world I’d give away

To change myself

I’d give away relations

To find my meaning

In the world I’d give away

For a chance to prove my worth

The world I couldn’t give away

In the darkest night

Or the foulest group

My sight for future

And my love for others

To keep it all I’d risk my life

To save my world

I’d give away another

For all gifts and pleasures

I would give to find

A new world

For the world I’d give away

The Quality of Quality part 1

What is quality? I don't understand. this is a difficult question and I am not sure that I can properly answer it. Oh well here goes.
Quality I think is something that is meant to bring the mind to interest. quality gives us a sense of being drawn in. It lets us relax and understand what we're being drawn into. Quality ties into interests that of a specific group. It brings out open conversation and helps people to debate certain over certain opinions and matters. Quality seems to open up new doors. to new pieces of quality.
An example of this is music. Mixing two types of music of good quality often creates a new type of music with its own quality. That quality could vary from being good in one mind to absolutely horrid in another mind. All quality is different in some way like this. Never do two things have the same exact quality. I guess you could call it a finger print in a way.
Quality could be something that brings out the excitement of being able to discuss a subject. it brings out a good energy to people who have the same interests as the writer, or musician or sculptor or etc.. Quality is the an aspect of something that creates opinion and controversy.
Giving someone the ability to control quality as they discuss there opinion is a good idea and a bad one at the same time. Sure you get to have a sense of control over the matter, but it seems that the better the quality the more fragile and powerful the control gets. You see the of something entirely depends on the quality of quality itself and the quality of quality depends on the confidence of the originator.
The quality of quality, can be fragile out of fear for being proven to be bad and powerful at the same time because of the background information and the knowledge of the subject. Quality can be shot down when someone shows disinterest, and it can be defended by the creator because the creator knows the most about the quality of the subject.
Well I could go on like this for forever but right now its tome for me to stop. I will come back to this later.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Musical Manifestation

Where does music come from? What does it make us think about? I have been listening to music for years (I believe that we all have) and I was inspired to take on poetry one and a half years ago. It has been my dream to be published. Or at least this is my common dream. A dream I have kept a bit more to myself is having my poetry used by a musician. In my opinion poetry is just a deeper form of music. All that is missing is the instruments.
What inspires music? Is it the emotions of ourselves and the people around us. Could it possibly be the things we notice, or what bout experiences. In fact all these things and so much more create the lyrics to a song. What creates the right instrumental noise is knowledge of how the rhythm of the song works. The creation of a song is the combination of knowledge, thought, and emotion. In some ways you could call it a triangle of connecting traits. Knowledge of your thoughts thinking, thinking about your emotions and your emotions expressing your knowledge through rhythm.
To me music is about the three points above. It comes to me like this. If its an experience its an easily expressed story through knowledge, thought, emotions. However if a person only takes notice of everything around him as a passing picture then there is no way to put the idea in place as a rhythm. Well an idea could be put into place though it would probably come out on paper as something other than a musical thought or rhythm.
To me music comes from all this. Music becomes the physical manifestation of an inspiration through knowledge, thought, and emotion. The process is started through knowledge. You know what you know and you cannot change that. You then take that knowledge and you examine it through thought. You think about what it means, where it came from, how it got into your head? Finally you let emotion take over and give rhythm and flow to your thoughts creating music.
This is all just a theory. Though I believe in some parts of it as being true. All I want is for you to give your opinion.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

a New Way to Be Normal summary

This poem is more about how people call themselves normal. What does normal mean to you? This poem is my meaning of normal and my expression of how we are all being normal by being different. What I mean by this if you are confused is that no two people are exactly the same. We all act differently, look different. And so on and so forth. This is what some people don’t understand. Some people expect that if you are not like them then you are odd. The point of all this is that everyone is odd in one way or another. it’s just some people can’t admit they are different for fear of losing respect by there peers. So maybe what we can all do for this knowledge is apply it to the way we live and how we treat others.

A new Way to be Normal

How can someone be normal

When always different from the other

Why is it we say that we are normal

Someone always finds something wrong

There is no such thing as being normal because

Every one has something abnormal about them

We always act differently from one another

We always say to friends

How much you and I have in common

How much do you have that is different

What do you say to the lesser people but

Wow your weird

Then your superiors say

That exact same phrase to you

People who say they are normal

Single themselves out as the ones who are different

The ones who say nothing

Are the ones who always seem different

Normality’s like differentials are all the same

So how can one say he’s normal when He is

So different

Because being different is what makes you normal

This is a great conundrum

Most people would never take notice of

Yet bring it to life regularly

We have always put a foot forward to

Make sure that we’re the better of the bunch

But end up making ourselves worse off

For doing so and becoming better

The people below look up in disgust

While the people above look down and laugh

A Turmoil Within summary

this poem talks about a pair of entities that make up both sides of, in ways everything. Good and evil. They both fight for domination. I tell you in the poem that they create each other. Well, this is true. And the example I gave is one of many. Another example is the war in Iraq. While we are trying to bring peace we are angering more and more people there. And while they try to rid us of their country we are forced to send over more and more troops. I agree with the democrats that we need to pull out our troops, but I also agree with the republicans that we need to finish what we started. If I were a politician I would have to start to split up the troops we have over there currently. Some people to help there government and some people to secure the safety of the Iraqy people. I will go into this some other time though.

A Turmoil Within

A peace of unimaginable power

A chaos that is impossible to stop

Two colliding forces

Seemingly choosing never to end

Won’t one break

What will be the deciding factor

Peace fighting or the calm

Chaos fighting for blood shed

Two sides that tear at the mind

While the peace fights for calm

It tears with destruction

While the chaos fight for destruction

It leaves behind a solemn peace

The two seem to create each other

Trying to bring each other down

It just doesn’t seem right that

One can destroy what it creates

Unless it stops fighting back

And waits for the other to die out

And slowly lose all the resources it feeds on

One can’t live without the other

So to fight is to keep ones self from going extinct

A twilight is left when chaos fades

And a fiery waste land is left when peace disappears

A mind that is confused which must it choose

Both one or the neither

Both would lead to the mind torn apart

Peace would lead to a life in twilight

And chaos would lead to a complete and total annihilation of all morality

And neither is just for those who wish to stay the way they are

Reality in the Unreal summary

I wrote Reality In The Unreal about civilization. The human race as we know it steadily going down hill. So many people have become power crazed and obsessed with materials such as money that they have forgotten what we should be like. They are making a false vision of buildings and fame. We force each other to work for one another, really to survive. Soon our world will only be material and no longer natural if it hasn’t happened already. I don’t know I’m just a teenager what can I do. I’ve been writing poems for one and a half years approximately I can’t remember when I exactly started. So far the 64 poems that I have written are pretty good. I have to admit Reality in the Unreal is one of my favorites.

Reality in the Unreal

A unreal world where there is reality

Rationality in a place of immortality

What kind of twisted world could have straight lines

But the world on which we live

Can a place such as this truly be

Elegant yet so truly deformed

If so why and how

People who speak different tongues

The lower species serving the higher

What monstrosity do we live in

So called angels in a world of utter chaos

Or do we live in a angelic world as demonic beings

Impossible to decide which

Can one man that is blind be able to see

While the man that sees is blind


Because the blind man sees

Not sight but truth all truth

While the man that sees is blind to every truth

But the he chooses to see

Can the deaf man hear

While the hearing man becomes deaf


The deaf man though not hearing man does not hear sound

Listens to truth

When the hearing man though knowing sound

Only listens to lies

Is the mute able to speak tough not with sound

As the speaker becomes the mute


When the mute passes these truths on

While the speaker chooses to be mute

Keeping these truths to himself

The reality in the unreal

The way we make these realities


Living In A Garden summary

this poem is actually not about a garden it is about the personality of each and every one of us. I wrote this poem to help myself realize that although I have trouble with many classmates it is not always because of myself. It is sometimes caused by the narrow minded thoughts of others. Some people focus on only one thing and one thing only and call that the main trait of a person. However, I cannot single out these people because I am the same way we all are in some areas. A lot of people focus only on the bad. I guess what I am really trying to say is that if you think another person is stupid or slow get to know them first because only then can you see the garden of there personality and how it is flourishing. If they need help, help them don’t just look at them like they are a side show or let them get up on their own. Help them to help themselves. Even if you can’t help them all the way bring to a good point to leave off. In fact that is sometimes better than helping them all the way.

Living In A Garden

Living in beauty and watching

It fades and is rebuilt

Living in a garden

Continuing to be the caretaker

Your personal garden

Made to your preferences

Your garden represents your life

You can make the flowers numerous

Or you can leave them to wilt and fade away

The gardener you’ve become

To bring new intellect to the world

The teacher that has already bloomed

To bring smaller buds out of the ground

Watering them with the fluids of education

So they might produce new information to teach

A new generation that will be smarter than the first

You are the gardener

Living in a garden that you have created

Bringing the variety

And keeping the select types that you prefer

Keeping the garden trimmed weeded

And most of all watered

Hope that the garden will never

Shrink but continue to grow

Balancing each other out

The larger helping out the smaller

While the smaller steady the larger

The Famous and The Simple summary

I ended up writing this poem because I had noticed a major controversy when it came to social status. This poem helped me to realize that I could considered an outcast or a popular person. All depending on my actions. Not out of first judgment or simple lack of interest. This poem is reminder to myself that although I should be myself that doesn’t mean I can completely lose control of myself. I need this reminder so that I won’t go back to being a complete outcast because of my behavior. What inspired me to write this poem was my lack of friends and my general loneliness. I was so inspired by these two things mainly to concoct a variety of words that suit my needs best.

The Famous and The Simple

Why are the famous noticed above the rest

Can the simple possibly be lesser

Or are the lesser the famous

Many famous die

To have new fame rise

But the lesser leave their ranks the same

Unless the one lesser becomes the famous

Why must one man be made better

So that the man next to him can be called lower

Is all this true

Could the false statement be accepted

Is it the simple that make the famous exist

So that the famous can choose who should be exiled

Who has more power the one who stand above the rest

Or the ones who accept their position

One man above the rest who made him that man

Millions who step away from the one

While the one steps away from the millions

Do the famous really deserve their title

Or does that title belong to the people who made the famous

What fame is their

Why do we call them famous

Giving a man fame is only going to put the man in a higher rank

A rank that will give him the thought that he is better than everyone else

When it is everyone else who made him famous

The famous and the simple in a constant battle

The simple making the famous

The famous thinking that they brought themselves their

Falling Down to Reach the Top summary

In this poem the meaning is that although you can’t always succeed the first time you have two choices for after the first try, do it again or give up. In all of these words there is only the wish to have the reader make a choice of doing one or the other. Whichever side the reader is drawn to depends on how they interpret the poem. I wrote this poem as a the memory of public school was going through my mind. The memory was of no specific thing but more of the entirety of the public school. I was ridiculed and made fun of constantly and was treated as the lower species almost by the other students. I represent all of this through a poem.

Falling Down to Reach the Top

How can one defeat the other

When he always falls down

Give up they say

What will you do

Try harder as the conscience says

Or simply head your opposer's word

Take the fall and let them climb to the top

Always trying to find a new dream

It gets harder and harder the more you fail

Try again

They laugh in your face

One man is nothing they think

But what do you think

One man san do a lot more than the millions can think of

An army is brought together by one man

And that army started out as one

One man that was the first to succeed but not the only

Thousands succeeded after him

The first became insignificant

To the others that joined him

So do you call out

Do you say I will not give up

Or will you become that lowly man

Who in the end made his opponent stronger by surrendering

What is your choice when you fall a few feet lower than you opponent

Can you possibly get back up again

Did your strength fade in that one fall

Laugh at your oppressor

And sap the strength from him

To prove that you are the stronger

Make him eat his own words

When he throws them at you so

Force the arrogant to realize his weakness

And laugh at his lack of knowledge

About those who work hard as to those who are born with talent

Can only do so much

While those who work at it achieve endlessly

A hatred With A Heart summary

Like all of my poems, this one has its own special story. I wrote this poem I was physically kicked in the in the rear by a classmate in geometry class during my freshman year of high school. The reason for this was my own doing. I was acting immature and annoying and ended up getting hurt for it. All because I didn’t know when to stop. Now however we are best friends. What this poem means is that although you have pains that you can’t escape and things you hate with a passion, you don’t have to be blinded by those things. It’s a reminder that if you fall to these pains and hates you can quickly stop co irreversible damage that could ruin other people’s lives and your own life. This poem is meant to keep you from becoming a cruel and unusual person. All this is a revolving door staying in one place but still moving.

A hatred With A Heart

A hatred that is blind

When left alone

Never leaves others alone

A hatred that forgets

Forgets what happened to it

A hatred with a heart

That hatred remembers

Only when realizing it’s hated

It remembers itself

When it was treated how it treats others

A hatred with a heart that went out of control

The hatred that could have loved

Chose out of instinct

When it had the chance

It took what it learned

Embraced that knowledge

What a cold grip

It gave that knowledge a hug

Then put it to use

A hatred with a heart a scarred heart

Desperate for vengeance

The hatred took the vengeance

Used it on the wrong people

A hatred with a heart

A heart turned to iron

Only softened when it sees what it’s done

A hatred with a heart

A heart turned soft

A hatred converted

To kindness

a fazed individual summary

The story behind this poem was about when I realized that I was who I was and I was where I needed to be. This poem is my recognition that I did not need to be the best to be a winner. I use this poem as a reminder that I am only right for myself if I believe that I am. This poem lets me know that that although I have only so many abilities and I am not the best in any of them, I can still use them to succeed and that is what puts me on top.
The poem A Fazed Individual came to me after a confrontation with a classmate in my freshman year of high school. At the time I wrote this poem more to comfort myself rather than to enlighten my mind on myself. All of this is the reason for this poem.

a Fazed Individual

A Fazed Individual

The fazed man who thought he was in the clear
Thought that he would make it
Only to be thrown back in despair
He only wanted to be at the top
To be the one who was the top dog
People would admire him
He was thrown down
Felt pain
Wanted to run
To cry in solitude
He stood strong
So no one could see his pain
Longing for a reconsideration
Then a new thought occurred to him
What if he wasn’t meant to at the top
What if it was some other area
An area where people were more like him
That could be put to use in later life
At least they won’t laugh
At least they will encourage him
He got that in here to
He got encouragement
Had people who cared about him
What will be different here
The people, the attitude
The simple need to prove yourself
This new area will be the same as the other just different people
You will always be at the top
Just never realize it