Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Famous and The Simple

Why are the famous noticed above the rest

Can the simple possibly be lesser

Or are the lesser the famous

Many famous die

To have new fame rise

But the lesser leave their ranks the same

Unless the one lesser becomes the famous

Why must one man be made better

So that the man next to him can be called lower

Is all this true

Could the false statement be accepted

Is it the simple that make the famous exist

So that the famous can choose who should be exiled

Who has more power the one who stand above the rest

Or the ones who accept their position

One man above the rest who made him that man

Millions who step away from the one

While the one steps away from the millions

Do the famous really deserve their title

Or does that title belong to the people who made the famous

What fame is their

Why do we call them famous

Giving a man fame is only going to put the man in a higher rank

A rank that will give him the thought that he is better than everyone else

When it is everyone else who made him famous

The famous and the simple in a constant battle

The simple making the famous

The famous thinking that they brought themselves their

1 comment:

debs said...

Aaron, I am loving reading your poems! I am struck by how profound and deep your thoughts are, and how articulately you express them. You have an admirable understanding of humanity, and your vulnerability is an inspiration to me! "The Famous and The Simple" represents a struggle that I have been through as well. I love you!