Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Request from God Understanding

am I speaking to God
do i ask for myself
what request did i decide upon
all i can choose is one

out of fear should i request for forgiveness of my sins
out of love should i ask to stay by you
out of reverence should i request to hear your wisdom

in respect i shall request understanding
if i am able to understand my guilt i know i will be forgiven
if i am able to understand who you are i can love you as close as a brother
if i understand your teachings the wisdom the that i revere will grant itself to me

the result shall be such a greater respect than what i have now
i could not possible keep you to myself
So God may i respectfully request understanding.

The Soul Outside the Clock Defined

we who stand in time
we who walk by the seconds
fragile people, we are only human
a life may be fleeting by the clock
spanning a bridge as if it was a ruler
but an existence is immortal
immeasurable to the world
immune to the clock
this is a mortals value
this is a humans potential
here the souls span is proclaimed