Saturday, August 1, 2015

All of the voices are raging in my head! One thousand different thoughts clamoring to be heard. As I struggle to clear the through the fog of my anger that seems to stem from nothing more than a black pit at the back of my mind. It is the thought of soaring dreams that permeates my very being.

Though the limit of mans ability's goes only so far as his knowledge, it is man's potential to drive beyond knowledge into the realm of sheer faith that proves the worth of dreams. All in thanks to a sinful lust bent towards greater intellect, and a condemning obsession to light a path through such unknown voids only blind passion could penetrate.

This being a lesson so many have learned before me, it becomes difficult to define the progression of mans questing. The answer itself could be considered at its core to be the very history on which mankind has built itself, though this results in the problem of history ultimately being biased towards the inclusive and exclusive judgment of those who wrote the history books we pride ourselves on.

As a result of this we continue to climb higher on a constantly less stable footing towards the very edge of a figurative cliff. Once here we must make a decision. Jump off of that cliff or simply halt altogether. Should we stop the result will be obvious and suicidal stagnation. Should we jump the option  then becomes fall to our demise, or learn to surpass whatever fate me have been in store.

Ultimately the final step will be determined by the tenacity of the human race. When our conviction stops pushing only then will we fall.