Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it is always fun to look at life in new perspectives. i have been trying to look at life as though it were something that expanded equally from all sides. a persons life does not have to go purely in a single direction; certainly life is always moving outward but never just forward.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Present, Past, or, Future, What Teaches the Most?

I have enjoyed life to much. It has gotten to the point that I am starting to live to fast. I do not slow down enough to realize what I am enjoying while I enjoy it. I have to say that for the one who lives to fast they don't remember what a slow moment feels like, and the one who rushes has no mind for the present only for the future; then the past will be forgotten and all that will be left to see is what can't be confirmed.

If one person cannot see the present as what they are supposed to enjoy then all they will see is a dreaded or expectant future. Nothing will seem worth the time of the person with a life; the person who has fewer expectations for themselves in the future will have more joy in the present. That would be if they can look past the faults of an imperfect life the inability to prevent mistakes that come with a imperfect personality. what will happen cannot be stopped by planning ahead, and what has happened cannot be changed by ignoring the past; though the present reflect the best and worst of both sides with the potential to be influenced by the past and the ability to change the future.

the most amazing part of life that can be experienced is the present. Not because of the idea that the present is what we must experience; but because the present is what we have to use in order make new experiences to and learn from them in order to be something more for ourselves in the future. If we choose not to use present experiences and to learn from them in order to become better people for ourselves in the future then what use do we have for being who we are?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flip Me off the World

He’s fallen down the waterfall
She’s climbing off the sky high horse
The laughter as clear as a bell
The roar deep as the biggest bass drum

I want you to do me one favor
So I may see these sights
Flip me off the world
Throw me into the reaches of space

I want to see Saturn’s rings
To be able to view Pluto’s ice
I want to find life holding planets

So I ask for one favor
Flip off the world

Maybe I’ll discover a Jedi
Or perhaps I’ll find little green men
Perhaps I will be dissected
Or maybe become a mortal god

I don’t care about the risk
I just want to ask you one favorable request
Flip me off the world

The Flawed Mans Cry

He follows a road no one can follow
He falls to his knees and he cry’s

He shouts for tomorrow
Yesterday won’t seem to die

His hysterical screams
And the waterfall of tears
Cause people to stop and stare

We can’t come to grips
With nightmares he can’t share
He’s laughed at by friends
And he’s taunted by foes

While all he can do is just cry
The fears of a flawed man
Work to cause him pain
As he struggles and strive to find his way

He follows a road no one can follow
He falls to his knees and he screams

“Can’t anybody help me?
Won’t anyone rescue me from this hell?
I seek and I search
I scream and I cry
The pain is becoming too much to bare

I want to end this
I want to something to break
The ties to a past I can’t release
But I can’t just let go
And I seem to forget
The fears of a flawed man are taking me over

So I cry the flawed mans cry
I scream to a world that doesn’t care
They’ve thrown me straight to hell
A hell that just won’t seem to end

They all let me fall
I don’t want to die
And now I must pull myself out

I say good night but not goodbye
I failed and so I cry
But I will fight to try again
As I cry the flawed mans cry

So I cry the flawed mans cry

So Where is Here and When is Now

So the people move
Everything goes about its life
Being carefree
And yet I don’t feel like I am among everything
So out there
Nothing makes sense
I feel I’m between here and there
I’m lost in the now and when
So I can’t trust myself with others
And in turn others with me
I fly through thoughts
And I get drenched in brain storms
Yet I can never figure out why I feel so set apart
Perhaps I’m just over reacting
So I don’t know where I stand
And I don’t know what time I stood there
Maybe I’m in the air
Whatever the case I must ask
Where is here and when is now
And why the persons mind is so single minded in so many ways