Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Must Wake Up.

my life is burning
my heart sweating the worries of my mind
I have got this issue I can't fix
called distraction

I worry about the small things
I thrive on the empty things
but I forget all my godly things
and I realize my sky is falling

I'm losing my mind
my hearts close behind
and  my soul is soon to follow
I'm leaving behind
all that really matters.
to grasp what I don't need.

I need you God
your what I need
how could I be so blind
that I would miss whats right in front of me

God hold up my sky
so I can live right
so I can be the child that you want me to be.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Where to Compare With God

I saw the stars in dreams
I viewed the sun on a personal scale
and I awoke to a burning sensation

I want to see god up close
to entertain a deities worth
then compare it to my own

forever is a definition of time
perception is times personal flow
but our god outside of time goes beyond forever

I flew with the red-winged black bird
to fall amongst mice in the shadows as prey
and I felt my heart fall behind me

I want to envision an immortals light
to try blocking its source
and get burned as the price

I want to test my luck
die by karma's smile
and rise in the broken ashes

black from creating the dark side of the moon
where I pulled out the famous mortal lights
 asking where God was shining

Sunday, August 28, 2011

new photography blog

so i started a new plant photography blog. i wanted to let those that read this blog know, but anyways i probably won't post a whole lot to begin with. and most of it will be plants but i hope that anyone and everyone still enjoys it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i am sorry that i have not been posting more lately but for a while now there has not been anything coming to mind that i would put on paper this is the best that i have at the moment but please bare with it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

There is Nothing Better Than the Life I Live

In the waning moments
In the dreams
In the rain, the sun,
I smile in earnest, because I can

I look at the powder blue sky
Stained by cotton like clouds
Thinking it’s another day to chalk into a good life
Just as the lightest of breezes starts to flow

As my mind floats through its own space
As I fall from great heights to land in my bed
I grin whole heartedly
Since the dreams I experience on the comfort of my pillow
Can be the greatest peace of mind that I can receive

While I stand on the clouds
Watching the stars pass over the candy cane stripe lighthouse
Waiting for the day to come that the light shines on me
Only to open my eyes realizing the time hasn’t come yet
I just need to wait a while longer

Then I go to my window
Listening to the pitter patter of rain
The deep drum like bass of the thunder coming forth from the heavens
To finally cease as the clouds start to part
The rays of light coming from the sun show through tears in grey masses
Gold coming down softly as though to reveal what I am missing

And I smile content to live as I should
Ready to seek out the route the future has set
My unique and individual hike to live in grace
To see powder blue skies
To lightly float through the dimension of my brain
To wait for my chance to show the world I can be great
And to listen to the music that comes naturally through my windows screen
All to bring me happiness in all that I do

Saturday, June 25, 2011


working hard on a drawing of this photo that i took earlier today.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Two Great Sins

            I am not sure why, I am not sure about Gods reasoning; but tonight I want to talk about what God has said to me over the course of today. God told me that as we struggle to know God our struggle in sin grows, even as our efforts and conviction to know and do what’s best for ourselves grows stronger. You may notice that something is missing, where is God’s effort, God’s conviction? That’s the problem, at some point and in some aspect of our lives we have traded Gods knowledge and conviction for what our own. We have turned to our own ideas and designs of desire and strength.
            Our greatest sin of desire has been stated in the bible as lust or adultery; this is true beyond all comparisons I can possibly make. The bible says this “the body is for the lord and the lord is for the body…” (1 Corinthians Ch. 6) I don’t really know how others might interpret this but I have to say this verse is to be paired with the fact that we are made in God’s image. Though this is a pairing that none of us would normally come up with on our own because we focus too much on our own will; I even admit that without the pastor of my church this connection never would have occurred. Our will and desire to have pleasure and to be in love. When this desire is paired with God there is no problem; but when we take these desires with ourselves in mind we fall prey to our own demons as Satan proceeds to worsen our situation. Our bodies are for the lord and without the lord we are doomed to sin and corrupt the temple that are bodies are made to be for the lord our God.
            Our greatest sin of strength is greed; and greed’s worst form is deception. Who has seen that one person on the street corner who is trying to imitate a homeless person and just doesn’t look the part; that one person who just has no clue what he is doing but is too lazy to take the opportunities that he could have if he simply worked and lived an honest life. Satan is always looking for weaknesses in our hearts hoping to create sin. Greed is a one of the greatest weaknesses and one of the easiest for Satan to exploit. In this weakness we forget God and his desire for us to know and do what is right. In the end we sometimes use deceit to gain what we want. To consider however that this is a constant happening in every person’s life cannot be said but it is true to say that at some point or another every person who has ever lived and does live has and will deceive and have greed in their hearts.
            But despite all of our selfishness and shortcomings God has given us a second chance through Jesus. All Christians know that Jesus died on the cross for our sins but this is just the gift basket it’s what is inside which matters most, eternal life; the opportunity to stand in God’s presence, a god who is willing to help his children overcome their inability to live outside of sin. God loves us but we blind ourselves to that love with desire and thoughts of how to gain our own strength.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Such is the Way of a Quiet World

For beauty we smile
for small moments we are grateful
in the times we can forget our troubles and pains
we are relieved
in the end peaceful times are small
but give the world meaning

(photo done by me)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Because God Wants To.

            Why do we exist? The reason why is obvious; to glorify God and to bring God joy. To simply put it, God created the universe and everything in it because he wanted to; he didn’t have to, he certainly had no obligation to do so. It’s all because he wanted to; but why make everything so complex? As well as why would he take so much time? If God wanted to he could have made everything happen in a second, so why take seven days? And also why create so many unique aspects to the universe? Why take the effort?
            I would say that the reason is the same, because he wanted to. Now God gave us passion, he gave us love, and he gave us desire. All so that we can pursue God and recognize as the almighty lord who reigns over the universe. To praise God as the deity who cared enough to give us life, but that is not all. God didn’t just sit there on a throne after bringing about our existence and rule over us like a corrupt monarchy. NO! God is always pursuing us and giving us the opportunity to see him working our lives. God loves us enough to get down and dirty in our lives. God loves us and has every desire to be with us.
            Now many of us are familiar with Jesus, if not you need to read the bible it will tell you everything, and if you don’t want to do that as a Christian don’t be shy. A Christian should always be willing to share their faith earnestly and without criticism. God sent Jesus to die for our sins. He died on the cross to create a bridge between the gap keeping us from God. Jesus died on the cross and three days later conquered death itself so that we might believe in the one true God.
            During Jesus life he gave many great teachings. All about God and how God will never give up on us his children. Each person throughout time, past, present, and future is immeasurably loved by the king of heaven; a king willing to even give us the gift of eternal life if we sincerely and full heartedly believe he exists and is there beside us. Now of course this doesn’t mean that we won’t die in this world. But it does mean that we will be granted a life after death at the side of God in paradise. And it all because God wants to be with us; through the good times and the bad god just wants to be there. And we should all want to be with God.
            Now a REALLY good question is why did God want to? My guess is because God had a desire to take interest in something. We know that God is all powerful, all knowing, all loving and eternal, but in all reality what would God do with his immeasurable self if he was all that existed? The bible says in Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. There was nothing but God before that. Now I’m going to sound really dorky for saying this but is it possible that God got lonely? Could this be the cause of our existence; our immeasurable and unfathomable God needed something to put his time into? He is eternal after all.
It’s a fair thought, anyways while this may be the case it’s not the whole reason. If it was God wouldn’t have put so much effort in making himself known to us. He wouldn’t have even kept us around I bet. The universe would have simply been like a vast marker board, he could have wiped it clean whenever he wanted. Instead I like to think that he is using a sharpie on an overhead projector to carefully create everything in a light that only he can see. A perfect light that changes based on our efforts to live our lives for him.
I guess what all of this boils down to is that God had a very human like trait called loneliness. God needed companionship and in order to fulfill that need he created the universe. If we don’t like the thought we can come up with some stupid excuse.  The reality is we cannot fathom Gods intentions or his reasoning or anything about God for that matter; all we can do is guess at what makes the most sense to us with our limited mental capacity. Though I shudder to think that God created the universe wound a timer and walked away; if that were the case we would probably have no religion to begin with. Not to mention there never would have been someone like Jesus who was willing to die on the cross after living a perfect life without sin in order to save us from our own sin I just won’t accept that kind of belief. A God wouldn’t just lose interest and go off to start another project.
I am also amazed that people are stubborn enough to ignore the bible which is historically accurate and tell the greatness of God throughout the early history of the human race. Humans are true fools including myself when it come to trusting God. We love to flee and fear the unknown its humiliating.  Not to mention impossible; we can’t escape God in any way shape or form. The only separation from God that is possible is going to hell, a pit of unimaginable pain, suffering, and despair. It’s good though that god willingly gives us a choice; he doesn’t force us to accept him and yet he doesn’t give up on us either. And it’s all because God wants to.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Twas great as God

  So I got bored the other day and decided to do some photography, this was by far the best piece that I turned out. I understand that there is nothing as great as god i just thought that the photo was an interesting concept.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

dreams and realization

So just a disclaimer I specifically wrote this piece for an open at Red Rocks Community college. I think that it turned out great. there is no hidden meaning to it and in no way should it be taken seriously.

Dreams and realization

Cars pass by the window
Sighing I slowly close my eyes
Drifting off to fantasies
Dreams that only I can have

Jumping off a cliff
That feeling of falling into the seat
Jerking awake as another vehicle goes whizzing the other direction
And sighing I slowly close my eyes
Drifting off to fantasies
Dreams that only I can have

Running into an immense battle
An unknown land that I now call home
Waking up to the clang of metal
Cracking my neck in haste to raise my head
Just the bells of a train track warning us to stop
Sighing I slowly close my eyes
Drifting off to fantasies
Dreams that only I can have

Sitting in a park
Playing a guitar I never learn to play
So absorbed in the music
I forget to wake up

Suddenly the trees are in flames around me
The sirens are all over
Where am I?
What are these scraps of metal everywhere?
Why am I on the gurney?
The train shouldn’t it be moving?
The train…

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reality in the Unreal (revised)

A very real world with unrealistic beliefs
Rationality in the place of morality
There are no straight lines in this twisted world

But can this world be so elegant?
A deformed process takes place

Different cultures of countless origins
Warring for higher status
Lacking quality
Creating a monstrosity
As the imagination fathoms what is loved
Emotions of desire and greed intervene
Blinding mortal man

As those without sight gain realization
The truth behind greed
These petty desires can’t be stopped

Spreading like a virus
Incurable, altering, contagious

Rendering the victim deaf
Trapped in silence that has a second half
Existing in those deprived souls
Those who can’t say “I want”
Because they can’t hear it said to them

And when desire is achieved
There is nothing left to say
Silence ensues
Nothing is left
This reality
An unrealistic fate that can be avoided

Monday, April 18, 2011

What Good is One of Four

To god I gave my soul
To Satan I gave my life
To humanity I gave my heart

As Satan received empty glory
he laughed at his fools fortune
and lost his voice

As god rejoiced in his prize
he spoke wisdom in joy
and lost his humility

As humanity received its gift
fellow man fought for all rights to it
and they lost their innocence

All I have left is my conscience
in it broods regret
three parts gone, three parts fool

All that remains is one
in this one there is little
so what should be done with it?

Friday, April 15, 2011

the Fingerprint Font

I live to be alive
do I have a greater motivation
do I need one

If so what motivation would I choose
family would make sense
that classic photo in the future
the innocent image
father, mother, child
all in sweet bliss

Though the thought seems to cliched
so what other possibilities
wealth, fame, some personal dream,
I find all these thoughts to be overused
worn out ties on this ancient railroad

what about these words
this page
living for such a simple cause as a pen
perhaps I'm not the first to do so
a pen certainly won't ensure wealth
fame is hardly a guarantee either

But for myself this pen is happiness
the ink that flows to a page
this fingerprint font
yes this is my motivation.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

its the book meant for everyone

For you, the homeless
for him, the one on hard times
for her, the lonely lady
for all the burdened people

Those sad people living day by day
waiting on miracles to come
miracles that will never come to pass

For the unfair life
that is lived by the people born unto an unlucky star
those who need something to believe in
something to give them hope

It has been said that we are loved
the book has been written to give hope
the tale of the great king has been chronicled
all for those who wish to know of a single omnipotent existence

The one who came to save the world
from an almighty fathers wrath

History was spun
and a great moment in the world was revealed
all meant for the world of self centered people
hurt people
sad people
sick people
the holy book was written
the bible