Thursday, November 21, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

I See the Dark and Speak A Warning

The day shall come when Christ returns
the book says prepare now, earn your favor in Gods great sight
or fear the retribution which awaits unfaithful fools

To claim you have seen truth
spat from the lips of men unfaithful to Gods glory
gives you cause to fear the wrath from blind arrogance and sin
when in the end of day's all men, women, and children, in God's image are judged
the ones in holy sincerity shall join the Lord's table instantaneously
while the damned shall fall into chaos of their own making

No forgiveness is granted to those who claim belief with hearts lacking resolution to repent and save
damned are those who claim faith in the creator they would readily shun if not for petty selfishness

Until such a time when an individual can break down the walls of a human heart
when nothing is left but revelry and devotion to envelope the soul shall such a servant be born
their presence resounding and unquestionable
only then shall the doubtful rebuking mournful souls begin to see a shed of light
light that shall signify the conclusion to our scarred and flawed existence.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

God in The Free Mind

What is reality but an opportunity to dream. What is a Dream but a fruit of the expansive mind. Imagination that cannot be quenched, nonexistent boundaries,belonging to a shattered framework as infinite ideas form, fantasies are created, and dreams nurtured.

God exists as a being outside of time this is truth. It is because God exists as part of our minds, a being representing the conscious potential of freedom. Freedom to unite and choose our own opportunities. Freedom to do what each individual would only do for him or her self.

 Human beings only grow to understand God as they grow to understand themselves. In the essence of searching for God humans search their own lives inadvertently for the ultimate reason that God has placed them on the earth. humans grow in freedom and in turn are trapped by it at the same time through the idea that God gave us life and that as Gods children they can only do what he desires of them.

Slowly humans lose their freedom to choose what kind of life that they want to live simply because  they grow attached to the search for God in their own personal lives and seek to better the understanding of God for themselves and those around them whom they believe need to follow the same ideas. They lose to the power of time as they become trapped in a new framework built by following each other in a religion. A religion that can ultimately break the flow of a free mind.

Imagination is powerful, God is powerful, and a mind without restriction created by settling for the beliefs of others is the most powerful. Reality is an opportunity to dream, and a dream is an opportunity to become the greatest that a person can be. God belongs the world and the world belongs to God the link between the two is a free mind.