Friday, January 28, 2011

The World So Defined

And so the world spins a new tale
As every minute and every second passes
People find that they have their world has joined another
Individual lives brushing up next to each other
Sometimes intertwining

Is it at random that we meet new people?
Chance that we take notice of the person sitting on the side of the road
How interesting that our lives can be effected so easily
And yet we can’t tell when we affect another life

For purpose to exist there must be a reason
Logic is an indispensable key
Though it is only one of many keys
It can be molded and changed to fit so many different locks

Nice to think that we can access so many different areas of life
But what are those areas of life?
Where do they lead?
And how do those areas come into contact with the rest of the world?

Funny isn’t it?
All the questions that are asked
All the possibilities that are perceived no matter how ridiculous
Seems that knowledge doesn’t just come to those who seek
But to those who wait for the right realization to hit them
Don’t laugh at how the world seems so rushed, preoccupied.
Because doing so show that you are preoccupied with the world

It isn’t right to be so hypocritical of the masses
Especially when the masses are too busy to return the favor
Instead smile and wave as the world passes by
Sometimes brushing up against your life
This way the world has a reason to wave back
As it fades into the blurred mess that is flying through time

Leaving the possibility that a single person with even a tiny amount of faith
Can show that the world has a definition still never thought of

just a p.s. moment. i wrote this one a while back but forgot to post it or even that i had written it i hope that you enjoy.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Way the Words Dance

What do I say?
How should I put this?
The words, the letters
Dancing through the mind
In wondrous patterns

Painting the pictures
Pondering the meanings
Answering the questions
Doing what nothing else can do
Expressing the awesome
Bringing light to the amazing

Not meant to misguide
Not brought forth to twist the beauty of the world
Created to bring light
Brought forth to show understanding

They twist and turn
Tying themselves in knots
Slipping loose again

The words
The symbols
Flowing like the gracious breeze
Bringing the beautiful scents
Blowing the gentle leaves
Carrying the carefree laughter

Bringing the reason
Showing the purpose
The existence apparent by its own intent

Breaking chains
Changing hearts
The words on paper brought to bear
To save the desperate
To let the despair flow away
As the stream flows down the valley
Carrying the reflection
The bright blue sky
In all its majesty
The slowly moving clouds
Passing through in slow motion perspective
Begging the calm to remain forever

The words recreate the beauty
The small details of the green grass
Lush and flowing
With the yellow and white flowers
Brushed slow breezes

The words
Give the life back
Bring the beauty before the world
Return the smiles
Give the memory meaning
The imagination vivid expansion

The power of what to say
The right way to put the words in place
How they dance
How they twist and turn
Bending and swaying with wonderful meaning

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Fascination I Have

No story
No painting
No attainable item
No thing
Has the capacity to grasp
Jesus Birth

A single star to signify the beginning of the end of sins control
High above the stable
Father God
Watching his holy sons birth
As mother Mary lays the head of Jesus to rest
In straw, in loving silence

Three Kings in mortal reverence
They arrive with gifts
Incense, gold, and myrrh
From three kings without explanation
The respect for Gods son comes

It is here, the story of God's glory begins to climax
Only the cross can signify the final stretch of mans existence
And only Revelations will bring the end

But through the resolution Jesus Life will be remembered
And Christmas will glory the birth of our savior
The creators son

I am fascinated by the bible
Like so many before me, with me
And yet to say they believe

In Majesty You Saved

God oh God
By grace you sent your son
In mercy and love
You sent a savior

Through the streets of Rome
Your perfect son carried the cross
Holding sin and death upon his shoulders
And when death sealed Christ's lips
The curtain tore
You came to live amongst us

In arrogant anger
We helped you save us
In fear you showed us light
You lifted the veil of sin
Your children could finally see

Now we live in free choice
Enslaved by sin
Or enraptured by you
In worship, in praise
Giving ourselves up
Many make the choice

intent upon our hearts
Your glory has no bounds
It floods our lives
as your mercy clears our eyes
No idol, not any material gain
Nothing could fill the void but you

So i create the praises for you
The one who bridged the gap
Became sent the ultimate sacrifice
Through Jesus Christ our lord

No More, I Wish to Live in Light

Grant satisfaction
Grant me grace, and courage
I feel as though
I have done nothing of consequence
I fear, I falter
I search to self preserve

Calling myself your child
I came because I lacked
I feared and strayed
I want to grow

Faith, courage
You lift me up when I have fallen
You forgive me when I confess wrong doing
You have succeeded in the impossible for mortal flesh to accomplish
You saved your people from damnation

I lived in self pity
I swam in selfish thoughts
wanting this wishing that
I left your path so many times
I dug so many holes
And you pulled me out every time

I gave my life to you
But i changed nothing
Did nothing but stay with your people

Now i say I'm starting to change
My desire is now to serve you
To grow and praise
And to speak your word
And so as you lead
 I will follow you God

Cleanse Me, and Train Me

Mercy God grant me mercy
I come before you on my knees
With regret in my heart
and ignorance in my soul
I plead for your mercy

I wish to follow the words
Live by faith and not by sight
For my eyes seem sworn against me

I open my heart unto you God
And I pray that it be washed clean
Because with a stubborn mind
I have no hope to succeed on my own

And break my mind as well Dear God
So the putrid rot may flow away
And fill the space with knowledge, and courage
To be who you designed

I found the break in Satan's mine field of temptation
I asked you to save me and you did
so now I ask to help me grow
And plead to change my life

No idol or false belief
Nor fear or doubt shall stop me
I know I'll falter
I know I'll doubt
But hold strong
I will hold strong in you