Friday, January 21, 2011

The Way the Words Dance

What do I say?
How should I put this?
The words, the letters
Dancing through the mind
In wondrous patterns

Painting the pictures
Pondering the meanings
Answering the questions
Doing what nothing else can do
Expressing the awesome
Bringing light to the amazing

Not meant to misguide
Not brought forth to twist the beauty of the world
Created to bring light
Brought forth to show understanding

They twist and turn
Tying themselves in knots
Slipping loose again

The words
The symbols
Flowing like the gracious breeze
Bringing the beautiful scents
Blowing the gentle leaves
Carrying the carefree laughter

Bringing the reason
Showing the purpose
The existence apparent by its own intent

Breaking chains
Changing hearts
The words on paper brought to bear
To save the desperate
To let the despair flow away
As the stream flows down the valley
Carrying the reflection
The bright blue sky
In all its majesty
The slowly moving clouds
Passing through in slow motion perspective
Begging the calm to remain forever

The words recreate the beauty
The small details of the green grass
Lush and flowing
With the yellow and white flowers
Brushed slow breezes

The words
Give the life back
Bring the beauty before the world
Return the smiles
Give the memory meaning
The imagination vivid expansion

The power of what to say
The right way to put the words in place
How they dance
How they twist and turn
Bending and swaying with wonderful meaning


Eternityimpact said...

That's awesome Aaron!!! We miss you. Retreat?

The Unknowngnome said...

Bravo Aaron! For me, your best thus far. Well done, well written.

You've captured the process and intent. Well danced.