Sunday, January 2, 2011

In Majesty You Saved

God oh God
By grace you sent your son
In mercy and love
You sent a savior

Through the streets of Rome
Your perfect son carried the cross
Holding sin and death upon his shoulders
And when death sealed Christ's lips
The curtain tore
You came to live amongst us

In arrogant anger
We helped you save us
In fear you showed us light
You lifted the veil of sin
Your children could finally see

Now we live in free choice
Enslaved by sin
Or enraptured by you
In worship, in praise
Giving ourselves up
Many make the choice

intent upon our hearts
Your glory has no bounds
It floods our lives
as your mercy clears our eyes
No idol, not any material gain
Nothing could fill the void but you

So i create the praises for you
The one who bridged the gap
Became sent the ultimate sacrifice
Through Jesus Christ our lord

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