Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the makings of a new demon a warning

i speak to the clouds passing eye level
i say i shall free my feet from stones grasp
to join the clouds in freedom 
standing upon the sun, the moon, stars, and space
i shall make myself God of all

and the clouds responded with a tale

once a mortal freed his feet
he grew the wings of a swan, lustrous and white
and when he flew to the sun his wings glittered,
then burned upon the suns fire
so he replaced those wings of beauty 
turning to wings of a dragon for support on sin

when he stretched his hands to the moon 
they froze and disintegrated from his body
in his need he turned to slaws of the coldest ice fed by wicked deeds

as he looked to the stars the mortal was blinded by their beauty
so he gouged out his eyes to avoid the righteous stars through means of empty satisfaction
so he may run from that which he cannot control

finally the space he tried to breath left his lungs empty
open to the most foul vapors of arrogance

i spoke to the clouds my determination to rise to untold heights
the clouds responded with a story a warning
greed leads to injury and evil paths
the clouds fly where they do because it is above naivety but below gluttony
wisdom comes to the people who feed their minds with restraint
this way they don't twist in their favor the teachings that they have obtained.

Monday, November 26, 2012

I seek the worlds warmth

It's cold, dark
i don't know what to do
where am i 
should i run 
should i stay
i'm scared
show me the light
someone responed 
i fear
ill i never know company's warmth
should i wish should i dare the world
show your face like the cheshire cat
i will wait
rebelling as long as i can i will run 
bounding through doubt and dark
searching for anything
candles flicker or suns light
i just want to see
to feel warmth

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pardon Me but I Need to Vent.

wisdom coupled with arrogance is nothing more than intelligence that can't be used.

I have become disappointed with the previous generation of people. I have come to believe that many think the younger generation won't understand the situations that the older generation has been through. I am going to say right here THAT IS BULLSHIT. Much  of the older generation whom I have met have become bitter and arrogant. I repeat arrogant because there is no better word that I can think of to portray the attitude of the people whom I have met recently. Now this does not include the whole of the generation before my own but this is simply a reminder to those who read this and are willing to listen that humility is one of the largest keys to wisdom you can find. I will not pretend to be an expert on this matter or any matter in fact. i am a firm believer that anything worth learning about has no limit to the knowledge that can come from it. This is nothing more than a reminder that people to treat each other as equals without taking into account age or life experience. treat others with an open heart that has no expectations and you shall more often than not receive similar treatment.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Request from God Understanding

am I speaking to God
do i ask for myself
what request did i decide upon
all i can choose is one

out of fear should i request for forgiveness of my sins
out of love should i ask to stay by you
out of reverence should i request to hear your wisdom

in respect i shall request understanding
if i am able to understand my guilt i know i will be forgiven
if i am able to understand who you are i can love you as close as a brother
if i understand your teachings the wisdom the that i revere will grant itself to me

the result shall be such a greater respect than what i have now
i could not possible keep you to myself
So God may i respectfully request understanding.

The Soul Outside the Clock Defined

we who stand in time
we who walk by the seconds
fragile people, we are only human
a life may be fleeting by the clock
spanning a bridge as if it was a ruler
but an existence is immortal
immeasurable to the world
immune to the clock
this is a mortals value
this is a humans potential
here the souls span is proclaimed

Monday, July 2, 2012

i am back.

sorry for having such a long absence. i haven't been able to figure out what i should be writing about for quite some time. the previous post is the first poem that i have written and actually completed in several months if not longer.

All That I Know is in You and its All I Need

Why do you love me?
In my rejection of your mercy
In my lustful desires
And in my greed you wait for me
You tell me to come to my senses and I ask, why?

Why do you have such patience for me?
My arrogance tries to push you away
My ignorance attempts to create a gap between us
But somehow you always become a figure of strength by my side
Now I ask how?

God in your love, an endless ocean I stand
Watching the moon you created with all its serenity
And I suddenly feel at peace.
Content to let go of all that I want
Willing to forsake all the dislikes and begrudging emotions
Just to be in your light.

I turn from the moons quiet gaze
To watch the rising the sun which shuts out all other light in its brilliance
Its power that you created to give brilliance upon all lives that you created.
And I scream for joy
I am given the passion to pursue your glory and share your wisdom
I’ve lost all fear

And god I slowly lose my questioning spirit
Praising you for all that I am worth
And simply wanting to live through you
As you live in me

I turn now to the stars that remain in the dawn
And I burst into tears of ecstasy
How can I be anywhere close to sad?
You saved me from myself
You saved from the devil
You saved me from sin

All that I know now is the core you have become in my soul
All I need are the teachings that you have given me.
I am satisfied in you

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tides of Curved Lips

Smiles split empty spaces
Spread through crowded places
Creating scenes seemingly fulfilling
And yet void

Smiles of unexplained origins bring about uncertainty
For as they flit from face to face they may seem out of pace
And place on the side confusion

As though common place emotions are forgotten
And monotonous existences are never foregone
Even as such a youthful world
Burns through its young years at unrecorded speeds
And reminiscence is but faded history

Smiling faces become dust in the wind
Never sticking around for long
But always returning with patient times

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Titles Belongs To Those Who Act Upon beliefs

Where is the world we seek to save?
How must we go about saving it?
I tell you now it is within our very grasp
but we cannot feel that which we struggle to separate ourselves from.
For we are among this struggling world.
forgetting about ourselves amidst all that struggles to save others

and even now as some save others rather than themselves
many more retire to the shackles the broke
keeping a title yet to be earned through saving those who had once stood chained beside them

In Gods Grace we live, laze, and die.
only to be asked by God on high
what make us believe we have earned our place?
how can you claim to be Gods children when you did nothing but ignore the commands of God?

I say to you now Gods word is only understood by those willing to act upon it
so do not claim that God is in your heart when you do not follow his commands
rather repent for your arrogance and plead for his grace again
because you cannot fight a devil alone when he has already won the war.

salvation is free to those who seek it
but those who seek salvation must spread what it has to offer
and should consider salvation only when they are ready to help save others.

so those who hold titles in loose grips
be aware that those titles mean nothing
unless you are ready to spread that title to the next chained slave.

Two Really Good Friends

These are two really good friends of mine, Josh Doneff is the picture on top and Matt Akin is the picture on the bottom.

If I had to use one verse that would describe their individual mindsets best those verses would be.

Hebrews 10:24- And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.
is for Josh Doneff

Colossians 3:15- Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as member of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.
is for Matt Akin