Sunday, July 27, 2008

Golden Glory

golden glory living
golden glory fading
surviving for a short time period
becoming or friend
then our enemy
as it sweeps us to arrogance
and we foolishly act
one mistake
and losing everything
becomes a reality
you lose yourself
you lose your friends
and you lose your life
its not a matter of who’s better
its a matter of who’s smarter
you become stupid
once you have brilliance
all because you don’t use it properly
golden glory
the glory that makes stupidity

A Rough Mercy

A mercy that holds nothing back
A wave that brings chaotic comfort
A mercy that we would survive
Just when you couldn’t hold it any longer
A new feeling washes over you
You lose yourself
As it comforts every fiber of your body
Your anger sorrow and pain
Perhaps transforming into an all new emotion
It starts as rough as gravel
Slowly being molded
Smoothed sanded and polished
Then finally slipped into place
The missing puzzle piece
You don’t know what to do
Mercy has smiled upon you
But at a cost
Hardship comes
Testing your strengths all over again
A rough mercy reveals itself
Helping you gain strength
The strength you used
With you new emotion
A rough mercy finally bringing peace

Remembering the Forgotten

are the forgotten people memorable
should the people we remember
be forgotten
the forgotten people
they should be famous
because they’re the one
who looked up and said
wow my life sucks lets try fixing it
they were able to admit it
but the people that had fame
they wouldn’t dare to admit a single fault
could the law really be more important
than the people who uphold and believe it
what about the people who had amounted to nothing
they had something
because they were okay
saying my life is my choice
not through words but through life style
they ask you for supplies
to simply live
yet people go out their and fake poverty
walking away rich
taking money from others
by acting like they were
the truly forgotten deserve more
but how do we give it to them
especially if people decide
hey lets fake poverty
can we possibly forget our hardships
do we remember the people who profited off the lowly
should we forget those who do everything but gain nothing
no we shouldn’t
remember the forgotten
take their state to heart
be a figure they can look to
but still look to yourself
remember who you’ve forgotten
start remembering the forgotten

Belonging Where You Don't Belong

A wish to belong where their
Is no one that wants you
Becoming a parasite to people
That want nothing to do with you
Then you find a way
To belong where you don’t belong
And you become what you despised most
A person who thinks they’re above the rest
Treating others the way you were treated
Making them feel as worthless as you felt
When you were in that position
Not realizing what’s happened until it’s too late
You try to change your mistakes
Mend what’s been broken
But to no avail
All you can do is live in remorse
Going back to the position you were in before
Then lower than that position
Becoming the scum of the earth
Living off of sympathy
Losing the will to live
But continuing to move on
Finding ways to survive
Not out of a lesson but out of fear
Fear of dieing losing all that you have left
And you soon figure out
That you have nothing left
Becoming a figment in the world
Sitting under bridges on the night of a rainstorm
Watching cars go past with a
Blank empty stare
The only movement you make is to wrap
A blanket tighter around your freezing body
Then you just disappear never to be seen again
You were belonging where you don’t belong
Belonging where you don’t belong

Flamingly out of control

we look at the scenery
and we look at ourselves
the beauty of the world outside civilization
we build and fight
we forget what our world beholds
flamingly out of control
that is what we are

we have forgotten
are blind to the earths majesty
her power and beauty
all we seek is expansion
still we are flamingly out of control
will we always be this way

now realize that this world
her beauty and stunning sites are dwindling
we live to much in ourselves
to often do look at economy
the running of this world we have built
to truly see the world that we were built in
unless we look outside ourselves
we are always going to be flamingly out of control

Lust and Love

lust for those who slide through life
love for those who challenge
they slip by one wall go through the next
they break down they destroy obstacles
lust for those who take chances
love for those who live through trouble
they succeed in every chance taken
they work hard for a chance that is easy
what choice do they have but to try
what chance can change there life
any choice and every choice to try
any chance to change a hard life
lust to those who have people
sympathy to those who don’t
happy for lovers who join
sad for failed attempts
love for those who have something
lust for those who have everything
love for those willing to lose
lust for those who always win
any chance to win appreciated
any loss carefully chosen
lust and love in every situation

Live, Love, and Learn

Two steps forward one step back
two young lovers
one all for less
we search, we try
we go for the top
we fall we cry

why do we pick ourselves up
when we fall
to live our lives out to the fullest
to pick ourselves back up
to learn what we can while we stand
our falls just postpone the knowledge that will one day come

we live by the rules our logic
and we love by the rules of our hearts
our spiritual being is the definition of what makes us whole
we cannot be ourselves on our own
we are defined by the people around us
molded and formed into a piece of art by the people around us

we live to learn how to live properly
we love with our hearts
so we may learn to love unwaveringly
we learn to live love and try through our distractions