Sunday, July 27, 2008

Remembering the Forgotten

are the forgotten people memorable
should the people we remember
be forgotten
the forgotten people
they should be famous
because they’re the one
who looked up and said
wow my life sucks lets try fixing it
they were able to admit it
but the people that had fame
they wouldn’t dare to admit a single fault
could the law really be more important
than the people who uphold and believe it
what about the people who had amounted to nothing
they had something
because they were okay
saying my life is my choice
not through words but through life style
they ask you for supplies
to simply live
yet people go out their and fake poverty
walking away rich
taking money from others
by acting like they were
the truly forgotten deserve more
but how do we give it to them
especially if people decide
hey lets fake poverty
can we possibly forget our hardships
do we remember the people who profited off the lowly
should we forget those who do everything but gain nothing
no we shouldn’t
remember the forgotten
take their state to heart
be a figure they can look to
but still look to yourself
remember who you’ve forgotten
start remembering the forgotten

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