Sunday, November 22, 2015

            I don’t hate this country I am worried for it. I listen to those around me, and I look at what mass and social media are saying and I see a great many discussions, beliefs and decisions that are completely divergent or even contradictory from what this country was founded upon, and I am worried.
Right now one of the big faces everywhere I look is the Syrian refugees vs. our military veterans. One of the biggest mistakes that we could make right now is to turn away those innocent people that came to us for help. Civilian lives women children and elderly all caught in the crossfire of a war the even we ourselves are helping to supply. The United States needs to maintain a conscience for all of its actions not just the actions that are most suitable to our personal emotions.
We can still help our veterans. They deserve far more than anything we have offered them. A great majority of veterans really don’t know much more than how to fight, how to wage war. Not to mention the great number of veterans that do know more than how to fight but are now unable to because of injuries physical and mental that prevent them from maintaining a stable capacity to do the jobs that they were trained to do.
When it comes to the idea that U.S.A citizens are deluding themselves into the idea that we should choose one or the other; Syrian refugees, or military veterans. Such a thought stupid and wrong. I am tired of listening to everyone around me yelling for a split decision when doing both is the moral and the American thing to do. The U.S.A was founded as a country meant to do everything in its power to act upon the right decisions of equality and prosperity. THE RIGHT TO THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Part of this I believe is maintaining the responsibility to help those whom we have obstructed from their own opportunity to this right as well as those who are no longer capable of obtaining this right for themselves.

This is not a decision of one or the other, we can and we should do both. Not for religious or political reasons, rather because of the simple reason that we are all human. Going back to a church song that was popular when I was a child “red and yellow, black and white, all are loved in Jesus light”. It is time we started to love the world around us as we love ourselves and our families.