Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Solitude and Happiness

Such a quiet life
Secluded, alone;
However the life is worded
It is still solitude
It is still happiness

But only for some;
Those who enjoy the silence,
And see it as their world.
They are the ones who find happiness in that world

The search of the soul,
It’s different for everyone
Some enjoy hunting through the concrete jungle
Others enjoys fishing the boundless oceans
Still others enjoy traversing the lush green forests

But who is willing to make the attempt?
Who will make the effort?
To travel even one of these environments,
Let alone all three.
To find what is in their soul
From every realm and aspect

No; solitude may not equal happiness
But the two collide
To create understanding

If the people take being alone to heart,
And look to the mirror,
What will they see?
Or strangers

The quiet may not come from the surroundings
And being alone may not come from inside
A new perspective is often needed,
An open mind could be required
To gain understanding of one’s self

The enlightenment of the mortal
Is the ability to find open doors;
And understand what is on the other side

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Carry Me

So dependent
So in denial

We say we don’t rely on others
Yet who are we?
Who are we to say we’re on our own

Defenseless when alone
So lonely when on your own

To thrive
We must have company
To live
We must have family

No Truth!!!
Belongs to the statement
We are independent beings

A false and unreal statement
To say
I am alone

We work so hard
To make ourselves believe that
We work alone
When every day we come together

You say “oh shut up”!!!
To me


A request of anger at the truth
Denial created by fear
And hate from the realization that we hold each other up

So I ask you
Please carry me
And I will happily carry you in return

We won’t survive unless we work together
So please,
Carry me

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I say what reasons my life is changing are God and a new desire to live in him. I see my life headed in a direction of spirituality, and I am excited. I believe in God and I love the ways described that he can help put my life on the right path. I already have a new understanding of what is to be thought of God in terms of classification. Christians I don't find call God he because they believe him to be a male God but because it is the simplest word that can be thought of to refer to God. He is beyond gender and classification and most understand this. For lack of a better way to describe God that is simple we have no choice but to dumb down our description.

My life is starting to head in a better direction. Through Gods grace I will grow in this world and I will be able to learn more about what my life is meant for in Gods desires. Is it to hard to say that the world has definition through its beliefs. Probably not, but because of how seriously we consider those beliefs in our every day lives, we are led to fighting and arguing in some cases while others able to sit down and discuss the beliefs that hey hold so dear.

Humans are an impatient race. One that prefers to get angry before the need arises in some cases. But we do have our perks, we are given the capacity to understand at least a small portion of the universe, and its workings. We are also able to view the beauty of this world and recognize it; and when we get caught in that revelry of the world and all that it contains which is so wonderful, what do we do? For a brief moment we do nothing. And in this fashion doing nothing is one of the greatest things that we can do. Through doing nothing we show God that what he has done is great to us as well as himself. Unfortunately we cannot begin to stop interfering with this beauty because we are inherently sinful and we do not know when to stop destroying that beauty with massive buildings and others ways of interference.

So we continue to live life in a fashion that is suitable to us. Worshiping a God that loves us greatly only when it is convenient for us and when we see is beauty in the world.