Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Solitude and Happiness

Such a quiet life
Secluded, alone;
However the life is worded
It is still solitude
It is still happiness

But only for some;
Those who enjoy the silence,
And see it as their world.
They are the ones who find happiness in that world

The search of the soul,
It’s different for everyone
Some enjoy hunting through the concrete jungle
Others enjoys fishing the boundless oceans
Still others enjoy traversing the lush green forests

But who is willing to make the attempt?
Who will make the effort?
To travel even one of these environments,
Let alone all three.
To find what is in their soul
From every realm and aspect

No; solitude may not equal happiness
But the two collide
To create understanding

If the people take being alone to heart,
And look to the mirror,
What will they see?
Or strangers

The quiet may not come from the surroundings
And being alone may not come from inside
A new perspective is often needed,
An open mind could be required
To gain understanding of one’s self

The enlightenment of the mortal
Is the ability to find open doors;
And understand what is on the other side

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