Friday, December 31, 2010

Raise Me Well

Raise me well oh father God
I come in tatters searching for you
No more running
No more false hood

Forgive me God
for I am not worthy
I live in sin
and lay in lies

Raise me well God
So I may live in your name
Enter me oh God
So I may emit your love

Strip me oh God
Of all desires for mortal impurity
Wash me oh God
So I my be rid of material obsession

Raise me well oh great God
So I may chase after you
Give me strength awesome God
To fight the obstacles thrown in my path

Let your love wash over me
And liberate me from sins chains
I have accepted you oh God
I am ready to grow

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rob Bell : Drops Like Stars

This is something that I need to do for the first time right now. Write a book review.

The Book by Rob Bell Drops Like Stars has proven within the first thirty five pages to one of the most fantastic books that I have ever read. Using the unusual and obscure stories that some would never think to look at in their wildest dreams he weaves a narration that starts to totally decimate the ideas our society uses to conform in day to day life.

Rob starts with the Jesus' parable of the lost son Luke 15: 11-32 and the story goes something like this...

"Jesus told a story about a man who had two sons. The story begins with the younger son asking for his share of the inheritance, which in first century Jewish culture was a deeply offensive request, the equivalent to saying, dad I wish you were dead" (Bell 10). If anyone has read the bible then they might remember this parable. What was noticed by Rob that is the story ends unresolved; "he said to him, son, you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours. But it was appropriate to be glad and celebrate, for this, your brother, was dead and is alive again. He was lost and is found again" (Luke 15:31-32).

This is the opening of a book which has captured a glimpse of what is wrong with society. "Jesus doesn't give the story the proper Hollywood ending we've all come to expect" (Bell 14-15). so why should people view the world has having that Hollywood ending that is so badly deserved sometimes. this is just the beginning of a book that captures the way that captures the fascination that everyone should have in Jesus.

the reader must find the rest out for themselves. I must refuse to tell the rest in fear of ruining the ideas that people should hear from the one who speaks them so well; Rob Bell.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A World wide Audience in Reverence of Jesus Birth

No story
No painting
No attainable item of material value
No thing
Has the capacity to grasp Jesus birth

A single bright star
High above the stable
Father God
Watching his holy sons birth
As mother Mary lays Jesus to bed
In straw... In loving silence

Three Kings in mortal reverence
Arrive with gifts
Incense, gold, and myrrh
From three great Kings
The respect for Gods son first comes

It is here the story of gods glory climax's
And revelation's will be the end

But through the middle at least Jesus story will survive
And Christmas will glorify a great creator and his son

Happy Birthday Jesus
I am fascinated by your glory
And I love you with the whole of my being.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Undeserved And Accepted

Sins forgiven and faults forgotten
eternal life has befun
Because I accept Jesus as my savior

I deserve nothing
Jesus gave me everything
God is after the heart of his children
And his children do so little to receive him
God gives us grace we don't deserve
Praise be in his name
As i raise my voice high
And cry God to the sky

I know longer fear the consequences of sin
For Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice
So that all that was is and has yet to come
Is already forgiven

I am undeserving but i accept

I Am Glad for God is After My Heart

By grace and love
I was saved by God
Through his people
I was set a path

having God in my heart
And Christ controlling my tongue
I shall live for God and praise his name

For love in the lord I stand
By the grace of God I walk
And out of joy I praise Jesus name

I gave myself to God
So I smile in content
At the knowledge that Jesus holds my heart