Sunday, September 21, 2008

Iraqy idiocy

Okay, so for all you democrats out there. Why do you want to pull our troops out of Iraq? Its a bit late for those kind of thoughts. Here's why. If we pull out the troops form Iraq we are leaving an entire country defenseless and either terrorists are going to take over again. Or Iraq is going to be completely overrun by another country and lose its entire way of life. I do agree that the war wasn't started off the right way. but its a bit late for us to be pulling out our soldiers. Besides, our soldiers know fully the risks that they are taking when they are sent over to Iraq. They may not have much choice in the matter of whether or not they want to go over there, but they're doing it to protect you. If you want to pull our soldiers out of Iraq and leave the country defenseless then your a idiot, but hey its your choice. By the way, you can call republicans war mongers and such all you want but its not going to change whats already been done. So democrats you can stop talking about ending this war early. We have to finish what we started otherwise it just ain't right.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pain Of Peace

In every time of peace there is also pain
In every hope there is a loss
The pain of peace is what brings
Us to the storm of everything that is
To make us who we are at the time we realize
That the pain of peace is what brings us
The trouble of loss and destruction
And worst of all death there is no way to
Find this out until you search your past
Only then will you realize the true
Meaning of which we make our true being
The best we can in a dark world
A world where the pain of peace
Can only reign as the true
Creator of a world of desolate realization
As a space beyond the universe
Where nothing exists
A pain of peace in which there is
No way to recover all you can do is bury what has happened as
A memory nothing more
Nothing less just
A pain of peace this world has
Between the rest of time
A pain of peace that can only
Be let loose in a world
That has no true hope for people
This is the way of life for those who
Become victims of pain in peace
A rift between the normal
And the disruption of all things loved
This is the pain of peace
This is the life of a great hatred built
Up from millions of people that can
No longer say that they are complete and whole
So that they are run by a half life
Torn between the world and
The one they have created for themselves
This is the pain of peace

Shredded Memories

I see parts
fractions of the whole
torn to pieces
I am agonized
what is precious has been lost
the whole has been halved
coming as a photo
than a more recent painting
I cry
I scream
I live in fantasy
my shredded memories
my important times
I spend time in my present
my future
I do not dwell on what has happened
I have forgotten
I have lost my mind
the picture is gone
my past ruined
I forget past lessons
destroying future lessons
I look at fantasies
shredding my memories

Wet Stones

wet stone
slippery rock
two phrases
one meaning
you slip an fall
on either one
is like standing on a wet rock
you slip and fall constantly
you can only catch yourself
get back up regain your balance
who cares if you might slip again
you’ve got to get again eventually
its the only way to learn to keep your balance
fewer enemies means more friends
more friends means more people to prevent knowledge
more distractions
but more friends also means more help
the wet stone grows
people join you
it shrinks people leave you
just like a stone goes to a pebble and back
but its still just as slick

Missing Many

missing many as they miss me
family and friends left behind
it may be temporary
but never will I forget those who miss me
missing many and their attributes
always secluded from them
finding a way to hear them
a fingertip away
you grasp it
use it
and become used to it
it takes awhile to hear from them
but you still do it
missing many
many missing you
everyone becoming one body
every body becoming one mass
we are all unified whether it be to live
or die trying to live
missing many is how it all starts
including the many missing you

Heavy As A Feather

a world crushing others
all around you seems crowded
yet you find ways to feel free
can’t you be trapped by negativity
because you live in hope and happiness
while those around you lash out
despising your will to be different
yet you press on
you survive so easily
rarely feeling pain
and never falling to it
you win so easily
looking forward to opposition
heavy as a feather
to you this is life
it ways heavily upon you
yet you pick it up like a feather
just for your hat
isn’t it tiring
life being heavy as a feather

Endless Trails

endless trails
in a limitless world
a place where the trails are forever
continually splitting off
rejoining elsewhere
maybe coming close
every trail leading to another
one person
thousands of trails
all leading elsewhere
which trail should be chosen
which lifestyle to take
or sportsman
its confusing
such a simple choice
made difficult
by the future splitoff’s
why the difficulty why not
because knowledge is lacking
without knowledge
we cannot make the choice
of endless trails

A Hazed Sight

A sight blinded by mist
An eye shrouded by shadow
They are vulnerable to the outside world
No way to escape the mist
Only able to be enveloped by it
In a world where figures are shadowed
And there are only outlines of the true figure
A hazed sight that is easily blinded
Sliding in and out of the dark
Living in a undefined world
Where there are only two rules
To rule life
Or let life rule you
From every way you turn your head
Darkness closes in about you
You fight you try to escape only to be
Bound tighter by a fate beyond your control
Slowly dieing
Suffering from your own faults
And becoming tied up in the past
Trying harder and harder
You desperately try to run only to find your feet
Shackled in place
You gain a hazed sight
And fall down to a fraction of what you were before
A hazed sight you stumble blindly
Hoping desperately to a way to clear your
Vision of the world
Soon you realize that you never had a true vision of the world
You saw it how you thought it would look like
This is the truth of a hazed sight
There is no way out

This Is So Annoying

Why do we make such a fuss over what people say. I mean, really we say something, well unclean you could call it and at least one person will get angry. Well I believe that what you say reveals a little more about your beliefs and your personality. Not to mention your attitude towards other people subjects etc.. So how do we keep our personal grammatical style and not aggravate other people with what we have to say? The answer, I don't have one. there are so many ways to do this, the simplest being ask what your boundaries are. What don't they want to talk about.
We love to spread news. the biggest things that we seem to talk about are always the bad stuff. We never talk about the good. have you ever gone to the news and all that they're talking about is the most recent death or the most recent natural disaster. They go on and on about the damage, the death toll, how many were injured, its annoying. Sure it may seem important, yet we hear about it daily. it gets tiresome. Not to mention it's going to happen again sooner or later. And when it does happen again they treat like its a bigger deal than before.
Life sucks I'm going to say that now. But as quote a movie think about where else you can go "I find that once you the bottom the only place left to go is up." This is so true. have you ever just hit that breaking point and just stop. "I can't do this any more. I don't want to. I hate this." there all excuses that don't need to be used. we live we fall we get up and start going again. Its that simple. so get your but out of the ditch and follow the railroad tracks. Live life as it leads, and work to the fullest.