Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Window to Life

The hopeful man
The analyst of all that causes fear
It is not to be laughed at
This is known to him
The hopeful man

The compassionate woman
The believer that there is good in all
It is not to be underestimated
She has realized this
The compassionate woman

The carefree child
The loving and unwavering light of innocence
It is to be gazed at in wonder
This is shown
By the carefree child

The wise old man
The proof that a good life can be had
It is to be trusted
This is respected
By the wise old man

For the ages to show
People are the Perfect window
And all we have to do is open our eyes

What is the Soul

It is to be loved
It is something to heed
The talents of man
The greatness of knowledge
The willingness to learn

A desire to know what is right
As well as what is wrong

To have a sense of morals
Such an important aspect of the separation between animals and people
A knowledge of what we should do and when it should be done
What a large part of life
A part of life that has often gone unrecognized

Humans are said to have souls
If so we must prove this
Through the morals of an individual
Not to take advantage
Not to rush into a misunderstanding
We must prove the existence of a sould

Through compassion
we prove that our soul is good

Through disruption
We prove that our soul has faults

Through murder
We prove that our soul is blackened

But how do we prove that we simply have a soul?
Is it through simply do what we are led to do?
Or is it by doing what we know is right?

Perhaps we prove the existence of a soul through recognizing what we have done wrong
Trying to fix what mistakes that we have made

The soul must show
Someday it's existence must be proven
but until then
let us have faith