Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Success Belongs to Those Who Try

I miss the man who reads a story
I can't find a way to meet the woman who sings
I am too nervous to find the playwright

I cannot fear who I do not know
And I cannot greet the stranger who shy's away

I wish to live
And be the friend, the model, and the student,
Maybe even the teacher

To sit in a dark room
It does not suit the lively men, women, and children

Go out into the world
Be the success you dream of being

You cannot experience
What you don't chase after
And you cannot see
What you let hide from your eyes, mind, and soul

So ask the man desired to be
And find the success meant to be achieved
Find your dreams
Grasp them and don't let go

Don't release the running goal
It will try to escape you
Or it will give in and embrace you

Give yourself chances
And let others chance a her to himself
or a goddess to her own lively heart

what will begin
Will not necessarily relate to what end comes about

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Media Sucks

I need to get something off of my chest. I am tired of hearing about how the government is constantly doing something wrong, I am tired of hearing about new death tolls in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I am tired of overall hearing about all of the worlds god forsaken strife. It’s starting to piss me off. Actually no all this crap and negativity has pissed me off. I don’t care if it’s good for the media and it makes money and I don’t care if people are trying to make each other realize that there is something wrong with the world. All of this arguing and all of this shit about how the most recent robbery went down is going to head nowhere in the end as it is. I’m sorry if I am being a bit heartless right now but I really need to vent.

One person that I hear about the most often is Obama. The most recent story about him I heard was that he watched an HBO documentary about himself instead of watching election polls. What kind of news is that, who wants to hear about a matter as trivial as what the president watches. Yes he was being irresponsible and not doing his job. Who gives a fuck. I was listening to this on the radio and I couldn’t help but laugh about it. Not because it was funny; but because it was pathetic. I heard this on Rush Limbomb’s XM Radio station; a vastly conservative man who has to prey upon the supposed stupidity of every democratic politician out there.

Leave the personal life of a pathetic president alone, he can get himself impeached if he wants or he can step up and do his job. But he still has the freedom to make those choices. Seems to me like it’s not the President who is driving this country towards communism but the idiots whom won’t let him lead the nation as he deems fit. He obviously had to know something to make to presidency so lets let him show us what knowledge got him there, instead of making assumptions about how much of a jerk and a narcissist people consider him to be.

I don’t even know why I am saying all this, I doubt that any of it will sink in. all I can do is hope that at least some of the media will understand that what they talk about doesn’t need to be heard. What needs to be heard are solutions to problems that are current and on the front lines of the too do list our country has amassed. I am seventeen short years old, not to mention that most kids I talk to are noticing that the media as well as the public community are becoming more and more dependent on the pathetic, derogatory, malicious stories that continue to waste our time. I could care less about how someone most recently tried to rob a gas station and failed. It was stupid of them to have made the attempt but it’s even dumber that we would take an interest in their sad little attempt.

It’s like being in a reality television show. The people act like they are all tough and better than each other and then guess what happens. A teeter totter like motion starts to occur with the whole I’m better than you shit. It’s really getting tiresome. I will admit I do have fun with the whole issue and I do take part in the ordeal, but at least I am able to recognize that as the time passes our country is inflating an already over pressurized ego, and its going to pop at some point.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hell and Why it Exists

In the Christian bible there is so much to talk about. Like how the universe was made, how god created the animals, and the sea, and the sky, and the land. not to mention that there is an almighty being who exists outside of time that loves us and wants to be with us. The bible seems to have a large amount of information based on a being that we don't even know exists. I don't know how to prove or disprove the existence of a godly figure but I do know that without religion many people would not be who they are today.

Last night I went to my churches youth group and we talked about hell. one of the biggest questions I thought was brought up was "why does god let us go to hell?" The answer that was brought to the table was that god doesn't send us to hell, we send ourselves. I thought it was out of ignorance and arrogance to do what is right in gods eyes and I was partially right I think. What my youth pastor said was that it is not what we do that gets us into heaven or hell, it is what we don't do that makes the path to where we are going apparent. I really like this answer, because for one its true, and two this answer shows that it isn't a free ride into heaven just because you do good deeds. You get into heaven because you believe in god and you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for you so you could be washed of your sins.

Another question that came up was if god is all powerful why doesn't he just get rid of hell. The best answer to this question to this was because if everyone went to heaven then our love for god would be diminished. we would not love god and try as hard to work for him here on earth because we would know that our work would not matter. Everyone would be going to heaven no matter what, so in the end it would just be another thing for us to think about as a accessory to life, like television or a computer game.

Heaven and Hell exist because God wants us to live for him as we would live for ourselves and our friends and our families. If god were to just group us all together and take us to heaven it wouldn't really mean anything. This is why god lets hell exist. because heaven would not be a reward, and we as his people would not be as loving to him for his gift of eternal life.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Survival of the Stupidest

I have trouble believing that i am a truly intelligent being.It's not because of some reason that has to do with science. It's because every species does what it has to, so that it may survive. Including ourselves. the only reason that we are considered intelligent beings is because we invent things.

However,the only reason that we are inventing things is so that we can survive. Same with discovering. think that we use discovery not to just learn more about the universe but to also find a way to survive in it as well as find new places to survive in.I also believe that all this is done in our subconscious.

We are not much aware of this for the reason that our subconscious is something that we cannot really comprehend. This is why there is no proof of what I am writing. We have no right to call ourselves intelligent beings for the reason that we are only creating new ways to survives and new tools for making survival easier.We could have easily lived without cars or television or whatever else there is that we can think of. The only reason we have them is because we don't want to work for our survival.

The downside of all this is that with the means of survival also comes the arrogance of destroying what threatens our existence. The human race has for thousands of years tried to destroy what it thinks would destroy it. The fear that has been placed in humans is what consumes them. After a while. humans turned on each other, creating war. Then humans turned on the stronger species (as we would call them) and created extinction. we cannot deny that humanity has done more than its fair share of destruction to this planet.

We consider ourselves the smartest because we have a supposed freedom of thought and personality. Well personality may be true, but freedom of thought is debatable. Every creature has a basic instinct of survival. which when threatened comes out to threaten back. Well for right now this is all I will say on the matter. I will return later when I feel like I have more on the topic.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tradition Crazy

You know I've noticed something. We as humans can't seem to live without tradition. We have come up with more traditions than we can name and its ridiculous. I mean hear are a few examples; Christmas, Easter,New Years, Halloween, Hanukkah. Not to mention not to mention all the individual "Family Traditions". We are a race of beings about so much and yet we are obsessed with tradition.

If we lived in a world without tradition it would be like a world without war. Totally silent. No More people yelling for change, no more religious wars or maybe even racial beliefs. I make it sound good now but if we actually lost tradition our world would lose meaning. It would lose its liveliness.

Our society needs tradition not just for personality but for economy to. If it weren't for tradition our economy would go down the crapper. Not just one country but the entire planet. Traditions are what cause people to buy things and to spend extra money. Here's a Christmas fact for you "four 457.4 billion dollars were expected to be spent on Christmas in 2006". I'm not sure that this is accurate but its scary to think about it none the less. And whats more it would only cost 10.2 billion dollars to solve the planets water problem. I don't care what you say tradition is what keeps our planet running. that is why we are tradition crazy.