Monday, March 9, 2009

Survival of the Stupidest

I have trouble believing that i am a truly intelligent being.It's not because of some reason that has to do with science. It's because every species does what it has to, so that it may survive. Including ourselves. the only reason that we are considered intelligent beings is because we invent things.

However,the only reason that we are inventing things is so that we can survive. Same with discovering. think that we use discovery not to just learn more about the universe but to also find a way to survive in it as well as find new places to survive in.I also believe that all this is done in our subconscious.

We are not much aware of this for the reason that our subconscious is something that we cannot really comprehend. This is why there is no proof of what I am writing. We have no right to call ourselves intelligent beings for the reason that we are only creating new ways to survives and new tools for making survival easier.We could have easily lived without cars or television or whatever else there is that we can think of. The only reason we have them is because we don't want to work for our survival.

The downside of all this is that with the means of survival also comes the arrogance of destroying what threatens our existence. The human race has for thousands of years tried to destroy what it thinks would destroy it. The fear that has been placed in humans is what consumes them. After a while. humans turned on each other, creating war. Then humans turned on the stronger species (as we would call them) and created extinction. we cannot deny that humanity has done more than its fair share of destruction to this planet.

We consider ourselves the smartest because we have a supposed freedom of thought and personality. Well personality may be true, but freedom of thought is debatable. Every creature has a basic instinct of survival. which when threatened comes out to threaten back. Well for right now this is all I will say on the matter. I will return later when I feel like I have more on the topic.

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