Saturday, March 26, 2011

its the book meant for everyone

For you, the homeless
for him, the one on hard times
for her, the lonely lady
for all the burdened people

Those sad people living day by day
waiting on miracles to come
miracles that will never come to pass

For the unfair life
that is lived by the people born unto an unlucky star
those who need something to believe in
something to give them hope

It has been said that we are loved
the book has been written to give hope
the tale of the great king has been chronicled
all for those who wish to know of a single omnipotent existence

The one who came to save the world
from an almighty fathers wrath

History was spun
and a great moment in the world was revealed
all meant for the world of self centered people
hurt people
sad people
sick people
the holy book was written
the bible

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Humans and our cultures are Superfluous

We live different from other species, anyone who doesn’t realize this should be considered rather oblivious. We physically cannot adapt to our surroundings we adapt our surroundings to us. It’s really pretty ironic. Humans never would have survived if they had not invented weapons (while animals commonly have no choice but to adapt to a world that we create). Rats for example, they come into our cities the second we build them. Eventually they became strong enough to burrow through concrete.

            We’re the exact opposite of animals. Safely living in our homes made out of stone or wood or some other material. Becoming so damn greedy we can’t be happy with what nature is giving us or what other humans have. We humans have become na├»ve to an entire planet; destroying forests and building towns and cities indiscriminately. We truly have become a virus to this rock that we live on. I’m surprised that nature hasn’t eradicated us yet. I am also waiting for us to do something stupid and destroy ourselves in the process by complete accident. When this happens I hope that God has laugh because it’s only a matter of time.

            Human kind is an oddity. Truly, we are so stupid and yet so smart that we can’t even decide how we’re going to gain world peace when all we have to do is stop fighting. War is humanities favorite way to pass time. All we do kill fight and kill some more. Being inherently hateful creatures we can’t help but ignore the repercussions of what are doing. World War two is an excellent example of this; Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and America immediately mobilized for war. It didn’t even take a day for the government to decide. We wanted revenge; understandably too.

Then the world discovered the concentration camps, oh boy I don’t know how history would describe the emotions coming after that discovery. I don’t even want to think about it, let alone try to put that kind of torrent to words. All I am sure of is that the world must have been in a state of shock. I’m sure that it made a bunch of the allied forces fight that much harder. But that is still what we love to do overall fight, and fight, and fight some more.

Even in our movies we fight. The matrix trilogy was right when it spoke of the human race as a virus to the earth in a sense. I personally think of humans as an incurable disease in a sense. With deadly viruses and what not as the planets natural defense “white blood cells” I guess you could call them in this analogy. I don’t mean this as an insult it is simply a statement of opinion. We are slowly killing the earth and we use the name of God a deity that believed in by so many to justify the harm that we are doing.

Speaking of God I do believe that one exists and I believe that we can justify certain actions through God. Though I know for a fact that humans take the holy beliefs to far; we go so far as to use God to justify killing and to justify personal gain in many areas where god should not be used to justify. I understand that everyone has their personal beliefs and a right to be entitled to them, but we tend to warp these beliefs into our own personal desires instead. We move away from the actual word of God and proceed to create our own definition. This doesn’t help with why humans are an oddity to the world, we are self righteous.

            Another piece of humanity that confuses me is the idea of free will. I struggle to decide whether or not free will exists for this reason. We cannot see into the future therefore how is it that humans know that they have the opportunity to make an opposite choice. This argument also goes the other way; because humans can’t see the future we can argue that we always have the opportunity to choose one or the other without a predetermined future. It seems like a perpetual game of tug of war doesn’t it. 

(this is no where close to being finished. i just want to see what people think of it so far)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Laugh

It's humorous
at least it should be

that smirk
the one you have tells me so

this old joke
it some how avoids growing stale

who knows how
but it seems to be... immortal

despite the saying
nothing lasts forever

when you hear the joke
you can't help but snicker

hey wait
whats the joke again?

It's So Much Like The Audacious to Freeze Fame

Erase me!
freeze me!
make me such
that I stands immortal?!

It was me
it was nobody
who was it?
committing audacious acts
being so carefree
as to lose interest in others

Erase that putrid sight
of which so many are insulted.
Those high and mighty fools
who believe that they are above the law.

Who was it?
Who froze the beauty and the beast?
they are unaffected by time!!
That isn't right,
time should have no exceptions.

These naive critics,
who gave them the right!
Who said that they could write the history books?

Those cynical creeps,
they think they can make me immortal?
They will fall short
crash to the floor hard enough to break their noses
no history lasts forever
and not one person can live forever
in any way shape or form

You can't erase me
history will do that first.
You can't freeze me
even the coldest ice will melt in the sun.
Immortality! Forget that,
its a wasted effort to achieve emptiness.