Saturday, March 26, 2011

its the book meant for everyone

For you, the homeless
for him, the one on hard times
for her, the lonely lady
for all the burdened people

Those sad people living day by day
waiting on miracles to come
miracles that will never come to pass

For the unfair life
that is lived by the people born unto an unlucky star
those who need something to believe in
something to give them hope

It has been said that we are loved
the book has been written to give hope
the tale of the great king has been chronicled
all for those who wish to know of a single omnipotent existence

The one who came to save the world
from an almighty fathers wrath

History was spun
and a great moment in the world was revealed
all meant for the world of self centered people
hurt people
sad people
sick people
the holy book was written
the bible

1 comment:

The Unknowngnome said...

Don't forget the joyous people,
those people that He has shed His gifts upon,
those grateful people,
those saved people,
His people.
"its the book meant for everyone".