Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's So Much Like The Audacious to Freeze Fame

Erase me!
freeze me!
make me such
that I stands immortal?!

It was me
it was nobody
who was it?
committing audacious acts
being so carefree
as to lose interest in others

Erase that putrid sight
of which so many are insulted.
Those high and mighty fools
who believe that they are above the law.

Who was it?
Who froze the beauty and the beast?
they are unaffected by time!!
That isn't right,
time should have no exceptions.

These naive critics,
who gave them the right!
Who said that they could write the history books?

Those cynical creeps,
they think they can make me immortal?
They will fall short
crash to the floor hard enough to break their noses
no history lasts forever
and not one person can live forever
in any way shape or form

You can't erase me
history will do that first.
You can't freeze me
even the coldest ice will melt in the sun.
Immortality! Forget that,
its a wasted effort to achieve emptiness.

1 comment:

The Unknowngnome said...

Your last line is a killer!