Saturday, February 12, 2011

For Being an Uncle

So what do they mean to me?
the question rings like the sweetest chimes

the sound of the their voices,
the ring of their laughter...
such sweet sounds under the bright blue sky
as we run and play.

they're all at such a young age;
so full of energy
so carefree,
blissfully naive to the rest of the world.

the nephew has his moments
the niece has that six year old attitude
but there is nothing better,
nothing that quite compares...
we have that honey sweet relationship
that has no equal.

if only we could see each other more
if only we could have more fun together
it is amazing the time that we get to spend together
it seems to end too quickly

oh the grace of young lives
the unconditional love given by those small hearts
and such large emotions

the smiles bright as the sun
as the time seems endless
and even when our time has run out
the biggest hugs that can be mustered by such small arms
the greatest time an uncle can have
seems to be with the the nieces and nephews he has.

1 comment:

The Unknowngnome said...

Aaron, your neices and nephews are blessed to have you as their uncle.

A nice observation of love.