Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've Lost My Mind

I don't get it. It seems to me that we live in a world designed by separation, opinion, and physicality. Constantly, you hear about those people who separate themselves through deeds we deem interesting. But not just good deeds; these deeds are sometimes obscure, stupid, or just flat out criminal. Even if we say we want nothing to do with the event, it caught our interest in a negative way. By saying we don't want anything to do with something, we express that it caught our interest through its negativity, we have it in our interest to to avoid what we think is something bad.

The mind is an interesting thing when it comes to separation. It has a necessity to categorize, without this necessity our world would be as chaotic as a room full of five year old's fighting over a single toy you told them to share. Our minds wold be lost to themselves if we couldn't categorize; we would live in a world of blithering idiots.

Its really pretty ironic though. How can someone lose their mind? Our mind in itself is what dictates our actions and only has control over itself. Our minds can certainly change and be changed but but they can't be lost in the sense of our body having all the control. Such is the implication of the phrase. I do not pretend I know anything about the mind because I don't, I just truly believe that everyone is in control of their own actions no matter what, even if they are insane, they still know what they are doing and are consciously choosing what they do.

Friday, October 17, 2008

the reality in fantasy

What lies inside the mind? The deepest depths of our conscious being. It seems that we have a limitless imagination. Yet some believe that eventually time will end and our world will cease to exist. We have so many books that describe alternate worlds. far from what we would believe in. However if you were to take a look at those books they seem to all have a resounding message. The good will overtake the bad, we will not lose our way of life. Especially in fantasy books like the movie Independence Day . "We will not go silently into the night". It looks to me as though our imaginations are more rational than our logical thinking in slight twisted ways. I love it. Our species is the smartest of all animals in the world. We have made alternate worlds that we can dive into through books and movies. And through these movies and books we get to glimpse the ideas of our world by way of a completely alternate design. In my opinion Authors write there novels to better understand what we go through in real life.
In the books we write and those that we choose to read I believe that we use these books to find something more to relate to ourselves rather than to just look at ourselves without an understanding about our own desires and reasoning. If you ever see someone who is reading a book for the umpteenth time then you can tell they have fond a book that means something to him, and in my opinion he is searching those pages for an answer he doesn't know the question to.
Our imaginations can dictate a whole different part of our subconscious that we hardly ever notice. I believe that we use books to express what our imagination dictates. The creation of a whole new world on the pages that we enjoy so much is really quite an amazing process that not many have yet looked into. We know what it takes to write a novel but we don't really know what creates the inspiration to put these tools to use. And when we look back at the history of books we notice that they have always been used to compile knowledge. When we write a novel we actually use our imagination to create a mixture of other things that we have already read and seen remixing multiple worlds into one. maybe we can create a whole new idea about why we write books