Monday, February 2, 2009

Tradition Crazy

You know I've noticed something. We as humans can't seem to live without tradition. We have come up with more traditions than we can name and its ridiculous. I mean hear are a few examples; Christmas, Easter,New Years, Halloween, Hanukkah. Not to mention not to mention all the individual "Family Traditions". We are a race of beings about so much and yet we are obsessed with tradition.

If we lived in a world without tradition it would be like a world without war. Totally silent. No More people yelling for change, no more religious wars or maybe even racial beliefs. I make it sound good now but if we actually lost tradition our world would lose meaning. It would lose its liveliness.

Our society needs tradition not just for personality but for economy to. If it weren't for tradition our economy would go down the crapper. Not just one country but the entire planet. Traditions are what cause people to buy things and to spend extra money. Here's a Christmas fact for you "four 457.4 billion dollars were expected to be spent on Christmas in 2006". I'm not sure that this is accurate but its scary to think about it none the less. And whats more it would only cost 10.2 billion dollars to solve the planets water problem. I don't care what you say tradition is what keeps our planet running. that is why we are tradition crazy.

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