Tuesday, November 25, 2008

death by _______?

How would you want to die? Would you want it to be Glorifying, or would you want it to be humble and unknown? A quiet death is what I would prefer. A death that is quick and painless just seems to easy. I would prefer a death that is plagued by sickness and slowly wastes me away. Though I don't want to grow old. I would definitely like to die young. This way I won't have to deal with watching all my older friends and family dieing before me. I wouldn't have to deal with watching myself lose all that I held close to me.

A quick death would be nice to not heroic or anything like that, just a quick painless injury that would finish me immediately. like a broken neck from a car crash. quick painless you would never even see it coming. that would be my second choice of death.

I bet your thinking I'm being really pessimistic talking about how I want to die. I'm not trying to be.I just think that its good to think about the possibilities of what might happen to you and what you would prefer. I also think that I need to make others aware of my thoughts so that you all can come up with your own ideas. Organizing thoughts like these is a powerful method of preparing yourself for what comes along.

Not to mention it helps you when you want to talk to a friend. You can think about something that you wrote down like this and you can ask them their opinion and their ideas. Its truly helpful. But I need to get back on topic.

If you were to die heroically, how would you want to die? Saving a friend maybe; or how about saving family, maybe you stop a robbery. What ever the case how would you want to die if you died heroically.

If I ever were to die heroically which I hope to god doesn't happen. I would want to stopping a shooting of some sort. Or i would want to die by pushing a friend out of the way of a car. something just powerful enough to be noticed by but to be remembered by necessarily.

I have given you my opinions on how i would like to die. Now I would like to hear yours.

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The Unknowngnome said...

In the end may my death be for His glory.