Monday, November 24, 2008

Living Art

What is artistry? This is something I am just realizing.It seems artistry is something that we don't just use as entertainment or expression; like theater and painting. Artistry is I think also takes a form in just about everything from war to studying a book for school. We search daily for our steady routine. If something causes us to deviate it throws us off of our stroking and finessing our daily lives out the way it only makes sense to us.

to me humanity is one big play with the earth as the stage and our cities and lives hundreds of different sub-plays that work together giving the big picture to whole different place. Artistry is something that we can and can't control. We live in a story line where we create and we are created. We are art and we make art. Think about that. think about whether or not we are creating art externally on a piece of paper maybe; or if we are the art that is still being finished.

If art is a single entity like a painting or a sculpture. Then why can't humanity be the same way. There will always be difference but at the same time there will always be similarity. Those differences and similarities with some people and not with others while it works vice versa. I can pretty much guarantee world peace will never come true. That is where human artistry comes from. The art of the personality is created from the lack of peace. If world peace were to occur humanity would completely be altered. Humans would lose their culture their individualism and everything that mentally separate's them from common animals. Simply free will, will disappear.

All artistry has beauty. whether grotesque and horrifying or happy and peaceful. Our world is living and thriving art. A single entity made out of billions of seperate pieces. This is living art.

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