Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Success Belongs to Those Who Try

I miss the man who reads a story
I can't find a way to meet the woman who sings
I am too nervous to find the playwright

I cannot fear who I do not know
And I cannot greet the stranger who shy's away

I wish to live
And be the friend, the model, and the student,
Maybe even the teacher

To sit in a dark room
It does not suit the lively men, women, and children

Go out into the world
Be the success you dream of being

You cannot experience
What you don't chase after
And you cannot see
What you let hide from your eyes, mind, and soul

So ask the man desired to be
And find the success meant to be achieved
Find your dreams
Grasp them and don't let go

Don't release the running goal
It will try to escape you
Or it will give in and embrace you

Give yourself chances
And let others chance a her to himself
or a goddess to her own lively heart

what will begin
Will not necessarily relate to what end comes about

1 comment:

The Unknowngnome said...

This is a very hopeful and motivational script. It's another piece of yours to keep close for your running.

"Don't release the running goal".