Sunday, July 27, 2008

Belonging Where You Don't Belong

A wish to belong where their
Is no one that wants you
Becoming a parasite to people
That want nothing to do with you
Then you find a way
To belong where you don’t belong
And you become what you despised most
A person who thinks they’re above the rest
Treating others the way you were treated
Making them feel as worthless as you felt
When you were in that position
Not realizing what’s happened until it’s too late
You try to change your mistakes
Mend what’s been broken
But to no avail
All you can do is live in remorse
Going back to the position you were in before
Then lower than that position
Becoming the scum of the earth
Living off of sympathy
Losing the will to live
But continuing to move on
Finding ways to survive
Not out of a lesson but out of fear
Fear of dieing losing all that you have left
And you soon figure out
That you have nothing left
Becoming a figment in the world
Sitting under bridges on the night of a rainstorm
Watching cars go past with a
Blank empty stare
The only movement you make is to wrap
A blanket tighter around your freezing body
Then you just disappear never to be seen again
You were belonging where you don’t belong
Belonging where you don’t belong

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