Monday, July 2, 2012

All That I Know is in You and its All I Need

Why do you love me?
In my rejection of your mercy
In my lustful desires
And in my greed you wait for me
You tell me to come to my senses and I ask, why?

Why do you have such patience for me?
My arrogance tries to push you away
My ignorance attempts to create a gap between us
But somehow you always become a figure of strength by my side
Now I ask how?

God in your love, an endless ocean I stand
Watching the moon you created with all its serenity
And I suddenly feel at peace.
Content to let go of all that I want
Willing to forsake all the dislikes and begrudging emotions
Just to be in your light.

I turn from the moons quiet gaze
To watch the rising the sun which shuts out all other light in its brilliance
Its power that you created to give brilliance upon all lives that you created.
And I scream for joy
I am given the passion to pursue your glory and share your wisdom
I’ve lost all fear

And god I slowly lose my questioning spirit
Praising you for all that I am worth
And simply wanting to live through you
As you live in me

I turn now to the stars that remain in the dawn
And I burst into tears of ecstasy
How can I be anywhere close to sad?
You saved me from myself
You saved from the devil
You saved me from sin

All that I know now is the core you have become in my soul
All I need are the teachings that you have given me.
I am satisfied in you

1 comment:

The Unknowngnome said...

Wonderful praise Aaron!

"How can I be anywhere close to sad?"
- Good line. Reminds one to give thanks in all things.