Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Titles Belongs To Those Who Act Upon beliefs

Where is the world we seek to save?
How must we go about saving it?
I tell you now it is within our very grasp
but we cannot feel that which we struggle to separate ourselves from.
For we are among this struggling world.
forgetting about ourselves amidst all that struggles to save others

and even now as some save others rather than themselves
many more retire to the shackles the broke
keeping a title yet to be earned through saving those who had once stood chained beside them

In Gods Grace we live, laze, and die.
only to be asked by God on high
what make us believe we have earned our place?
how can you claim to be Gods children when you did nothing but ignore the commands of God?

I say to you now Gods word is only understood by those willing to act upon it
so do not claim that God is in your heart when you do not follow his commands
rather repent for your arrogance and plead for his grace again
because you cannot fight a devil alone when he has already won the war.

salvation is free to those who seek it
but those who seek salvation must spread what it has to offer
and should consider salvation only when they are ready to help save others.

so those who hold titles in loose grips
be aware that those titles mean nothing
unless you are ready to spread that title to the next chained slave.

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