Sunday, January 2, 2011

No More, I Wish to Live in Light

Grant satisfaction
Grant me grace, and courage
I feel as though
I have done nothing of consequence
I fear, I falter
I search to self preserve

Calling myself your child
I came because I lacked
I feared and strayed
I want to grow

Faith, courage
You lift me up when I have fallen
You forgive me when I confess wrong doing
You have succeeded in the impossible for mortal flesh to accomplish
You saved your people from damnation

I lived in self pity
I swam in selfish thoughts
wanting this wishing that
I left your path so many times
I dug so many holes
And you pulled me out every time

I gave my life to you
But i changed nothing
Did nothing but stay with your people

Now i say I'm starting to change
My desire is now to serve you
To grow and praise
And to speak your word
And so as you lead
 I will follow you God

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