Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cleanse Me, and Train Me

Mercy God grant me mercy
I come before you on my knees
With regret in my heart
and ignorance in my soul
I plead for your mercy

I wish to follow the words
Live by faith and not by sight
For my eyes seem sworn against me

I open my heart unto you God
And I pray that it be washed clean
Because with a stubborn mind
I have no hope to succeed on my own

And break my mind as well Dear God
So the putrid rot may flow away
And fill the space with knowledge, and courage
To be who you designed

I found the break in Satan's mine field of temptation
I asked you to save me and you did
so now I ask to help me grow
And plead to change my life

No idol or false belief
Nor fear or doubt shall stop me
I know I'll falter
I know I'll doubt
But hold strong
I will hold strong in you

1 comment:

The Unknowngnome said...

"For my eyes seem sworn against me
" - excellent!

Happy new year my friend, you are off to a very strong start keeping the Faith.