Friday, January 28, 2011

The World So Defined

And so the world spins a new tale
As every minute and every second passes
People find that they have their world has joined another
Individual lives brushing up next to each other
Sometimes intertwining

Is it at random that we meet new people?
Chance that we take notice of the person sitting on the side of the road
How interesting that our lives can be effected so easily
And yet we can’t tell when we affect another life

For purpose to exist there must be a reason
Logic is an indispensable key
Though it is only one of many keys
It can be molded and changed to fit so many different locks

Nice to think that we can access so many different areas of life
But what are those areas of life?
Where do they lead?
And how do those areas come into contact with the rest of the world?

Funny isn’t it?
All the questions that are asked
All the possibilities that are perceived no matter how ridiculous
Seems that knowledge doesn’t just come to those who seek
But to those who wait for the right realization to hit them
Don’t laugh at how the world seems so rushed, preoccupied.
Because doing so show that you are preoccupied with the world

It isn’t right to be so hypocritical of the masses
Especially when the masses are too busy to return the favor
Instead smile and wave as the world passes by
Sometimes brushing up against your life
This way the world has a reason to wave back
As it fades into the blurred mess that is flying through time

Leaving the possibility that a single person with even a tiny amount of faith
Can show that the world has a definition still never thought of

just a p.s. moment. i wrote this one a while back but forgot to post it or even that i had written it i hope that you enjoy.

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The Unknowngnome said...

I'm waving to you my friend.

I like it.