Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reality in the Unreal (revised)

A very real world with unrealistic beliefs
Rationality in the place of morality
There are no straight lines in this twisted world

But can this world be so elegant?
A deformed process takes place

Different cultures of countless origins
Warring for higher status
Lacking quality
Creating a monstrosity
As the imagination fathoms what is loved
Emotions of desire and greed intervene
Blinding mortal man

As those without sight gain realization
The truth behind greed
These petty desires can’t be stopped

Spreading like a virus
Incurable, altering, contagious

Rendering the victim deaf
Trapped in silence that has a second half
Existing in those deprived souls
Those who can’t say “I want”
Because they can’t hear it said to them

And when desire is achieved
There is nothing left to say
Silence ensues
Nothing is left
This reality
An unrealistic fate that can be avoided

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