Saturday, July 2, 2011

There is Nothing Better Than the Life I Live

In the waning moments
In the dreams
In the rain, the sun,
I smile in earnest, because I can

I look at the powder blue sky
Stained by cotton like clouds
Thinking it’s another day to chalk into a good life
Just as the lightest of breezes starts to flow

As my mind floats through its own space
As I fall from great heights to land in my bed
I grin whole heartedly
Since the dreams I experience on the comfort of my pillow
Can be the greatest peace of mind that I can receive

While I stand on the clouds
Watching the stars pass over the candy cane stripe lighthouse
Waiting for the day to come that the light shines on me
Only to open my eyes realizing the time hasn’t come yet
I just need to wait a while longer

Then I go to my window
Listening to the pitter patter of rain
The deep drum like bass of the thunder coming forth from the heavens
To finally cease as the clouds start to part
The rays of light coming from the sun show through tears in grey masses
Gold coming down softly as though to reveal what I am missing

And I smile content to live as I should
Ready to seek out the route the future has set
My unique and individual hike to live in grace
To see powder blue skies
To lightly float through the dimension of my brain
To wait for my chance to show the world I can be great
And to listen to the music that comes naturally through my windows screen
All to bring me happiness in all that I do

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