Saturday, August 28, 2010

Present, Past, or, Future, What Teaches the Most?

I have enjoyed life to much. It has gotten to the point that I am starting to live to fast. I do not slow down enough to realize what I am enjoying while I enjoy it. I have to say that for the one who lives to fast they don't remember what a slow moment feels like, and the one who rushes has no mind for the present only for the future; then the past will be forgotten and all that will be left to see is what can't be confirmed.

If one person cannot see the present as what they are supposed to enjoy then all they will see is a dreaded or expectant future. Nothing will seem worth the time of the person with a life; the person who has fewer expectations for themselves in the future will have more joy in the present. That would be if they can look past the faults of an imperfect life the inability to prevent mistakes that come with a imperfect personality. what will happen cannot be stopped by planning ahead, and what has happened cannot be changed by ignoring the past; though the present reflect the best and worst of both sides with the potential to be influenced by the past and the ability to change the future.

the most amazing part of life that can be experienced is the present. Not because of the idea that the present is what we must experience; but because the present is what we have to use in order make new experiences to and learn from them in order to be something more for ourselves in the future. If we choose not to use present experiences and to learn from them in order to become better people for ourselves in the future then what use do we have for being who we are?

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