Thursday, April 17, 2008

a Fazed Individual

A Fazed Individual

The fazed man who thought he was in the clear
Thought that he would make it
Only to be thrown back in despair
He only wanted to be at the top
To be the one who was the top dog
People would admire him
He was thrown down
Felt pain
Wanted to run
To cry in solitude
He stood strong
So no one could see his pain
Longing for a reconsideration
Then a new thought occurred to him
What if he wasn’t meant to at the top
What if it was some other area
An area where people were more like him
That could be put to use in later life
At least they won’t laugh
At least they will encourage him
He got that in here to
He got encouragement
Had people who cared about him
What will be different here
The people, the attitude
The simple need to prove yourself
This new area will be the same as the other just different people
You will always be at the top
Just never realize it

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