Thursday, April 17, 2008

A new Way to be Normal

How can someone be normal

When always different from the other

Why is it we say that we are normal

Someone always finds something wrong

There is no such thing as being normal because

Every one has something abnormal about them

We always act differently from one another

We always say to friends

How much you and I have in common

How much do you have that is different

What do you say to the lesser people but

Wow your weird

Then your superiors say

That exact same phrase to you

People who say they are normal

Single themselves out as the ones who are different

The ones who say nothing

Are the ones who always seem different

Normality’s like differentials are all the same

So how can one say he’s normal when He is

So different

Because being different is what makes you normal

This is a great conundrum

Most people would never take notice of

Yet bring it to life regularly

We have always put a foot forward to

Make sure that we’re the better of the bunch

But end up making ourselves worse off

For doing so and becoming better

The people below look up in disgust

While the people above look down and laugh

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