Thursday, April 17, 2008

Falling Down to Reach the Top

How can one defeat the other

When he always falls down

Give up they say

What will you do

Try harder as the conscience says

Or simply head your opposer's word

Take the fall and let them climb to the top

Always trying to find a new dream

It gets harder and harder the more you fail

Try again

They laugh in your face

One man is nothing they think

But what do you think

One man san do a lot more than the millions can think of

An army is brought together by one man

And that army started out as one

One man that was the first to succeed but not the only

Thousands succeeded after him

The first became insignificant

To the others that joined him

So do you call out

Do you say I will not give up

Or will you become that lowly man

Who in the end made his opponent stronger by surrendering

What is your choice when you fall a few feet lower than you opponent

Can you possibly get back up again

Did your strength fade in that one fall

Laugh at your oppressor

And sap the strength from him

To prove that you are the stronger

Make him eat his own words

When he throws them at you so

Force the arrogant to realize his weakness

And laugh at his lack of knowledge

About those who work hard as to those who are born with talent

Can only do so much

While those who work at it achieve endlessly