Thursday, April 17, 2008

a New Way to Be Normal summary

This poem is more about how people call themselves normal. What does normal mean to you? This poem is my meaning of normal and my expression of how we are all being normal by being different. What I mean by this if you are confused is that no two people are exactly the same. We all act differently, look different. And so on and so forth. This is what some people don’t understand. Some people expect that if you are not like them then you are odd. The point of all this is that everyone is odd in one way or another. it’s just some people can’t admit they are different for fear of losing respect by there peers. So maybe what we can all do for this knowledge is apply it to the way we live and how we treat others.


carrot830 said...

Very well said, Aaron. Your analysis is thoughtful and allows all of us to be individuals.

The Unknowngnome said...

"Everyone's a freak" --Album: Super Trooper --Track: Me and I --Abba 1980