Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reality in the Unreal

A unreal world where there is reality

Rationality in a place of immortality

What kind of twisted world could have straight lines

But the world on which we live

Can a place such as this truly be

Elegant yet so truly deformed

If so why and how

People who speak different tongues

The lower species serving the higher

What monstrosity do we live in

So called angels in a world of utter chaos

Or do we live in a angelic world as demonic beings

Impossible to decide which

Can one man that is blind be able to see

While the man that sees is blind


Because the blind man sees

Not sight but truth all truth

While the man that sees is blind to every truth

But the he chooses to see

Can the deaf man hear

While the hearing man becomes deaf


The deaf man though not hearing man does not hear sound

Listens to truth

When the hearing man though knowing sound

Only listens to lies

Is the mute able to speak tough not with sound

As the speaker becomes the mute


When the mute passes these truths on

While the speaker chooses to be mute

Keeping these truths to himself

The reality in the unreal

The way we make these realities


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