Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Quality of Quality part 1

What is quality? I don't understand. this is a difficult question and I am not sure that I can properly answer it. Oh well here goes.
Quality I think is something that is meant to bring the mind to interest. quality gives us a sense of being drawn in. It lets us relax and understand what we're being drawn into. Quality ties into interests that of a specific group. It brings out open conversation and helps people to debate certain over certain opinions and matters. Quality seems to open up new doors. to new pieces of quality.
An example of this is music. Mixing two types of music of good quality often creates a new type of music with its own quality. That quality could vary from being good in one mind to absolutely horrid in another mind. All quality is different in some way like this. Never do two things have the same exact quality. I guess you could call it a finger print in a way.
Quality could be something that brings out the excitement of being able to discuss a subject. it brings out a good energy to people who have the same interests as the writer, or musician or sculptor or etc.. Quality is the an aspect of something that creates opinion and controversy.
Giving someone the ability to control quality as they discuss there opinion is a good idea and a bad one at the same time. Sure you get to have a sense of control over the matter, but it seems that the better the quality the more fragile and powerful the control gets. You see the of something entirely depends on the quality of quality itself and the quality of quality depends on the confidence of the originator.
The quality of quality, can be fragile out of fear for being proven to be bad and powerful at the same time because of the background information and the knowledge of the subject. Quality can be shot down when someone shows disinterest, and it can be defended by the creator because the creator knows the most about the quality of the subject.
Well I could go on like this for forever but right now its tome for me to stop. I will come back to this later.

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Appetite at Bay- A Culinary Journey in SF said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Great to see your blog, nice job!

You are quite a talented writer and something of a philosopher I see, very interesting thoughts! I wish you success as you follow your dreams.

From one blogger to another, catch the world by the tail and don't let go!!

I look forward to reading more in the future...
Love Aunt Susan