Friday, April 18, 2008

Musical Manifestation

Where does music come from? What does it make us think about? I have been listening to music for years (I believe that we all have) and I was inspired to take on poetry one and a half years ago. It has been my dream to be published. Or at least this is my common dream. A dream I have kept a bit more to myself is having my poetry used by a musician. In my opinion poetry is just a deeper form of music. All that is missing is the instruments.
What inspires music? Is it the emotions of ourselves and the people around us. Could it possibly be the things we notice, or what bout experiences. In fact all these things and so much more create the lyrics to a song. What creates the right instrumental noise is knowledge of how the rhythm of the song works. The creation of a song is the combination of knowledge, thought, and emotion. In some ways you could call it a triangle of connecting traits. Knowledge of your thoughts thinking, thinking about your emotions and your emotions expressing your knowledge through rhythm.
To me music is about the three points above. It comes to me like this. If its an experience its an easily expressed story through knowledge, thought, emotions. However if a person only takes notice of everything around him as a passing picture then there is no way to put the idea in place as a rhythm. Well an idea could be put into place though it would probably come out on paper as something other than a musical thought or rhythm.
To me music comes from all this. Music becomes the physical manifestation of an inspiration through knowledge, thought, and emotion. The process is started through knowledge. You know what you know and you cannot change that. You then take that knowledge and you examine it through thought. You think about what it means, where it came from, how it got into your head? Finally you let emotion take over and give rhythm and flow to your thoughts creating music.
This is all just a theory. Though I believe in some parts of it as being true. All I want is for you to give your opinion.


Appetite at Bay- A Culinary Journey in SF said...

Congratulations on your new blog!! Great writing and very interesting thoughts. Keep it up!
Aunt Susan

The Unknowngnome said...

Yes, music becomes manifest through inspiration, knowledge, thought and emotion.

The same is true of poetry. Poetry however carries its music in its linguistics and if properly written, regardless of message content, the poem will sing.