Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Turmoil Within summary

this poem talks about a pair of entities that make up both sides of, in ways everything. Good and evil. They both fight for domination. I tell you in the poem that they create each other. Well, this is true. And the example I gave is one of many. Another example is the war in Iraq. While we are trying to bring peace we are angering more and more people there. And while they try to rid us of their country we are forced to send over more and more troops. I agree with the democrats that we need to pull out our troops, but I also agree with the republicans that we need to finish what we started. If I were a politician I would have to start to split up the troops we have over there currently. Some people to help there government and some people to secure the safety of the Iraqy people. I will go into this some other time though.

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