Thursday, April 17, 2008

Living In A Garden

Living in beauty and watching

It fades and is rebuilt

Living in a garden

Continuing to be the caretaker

Your personal garden

Made to your preferences

Your garden represents your life

You can make the flowers numerous

Or you can leave them to wilt and fade away

The gardener you’ve become

To bring new intellect to the world

The teacher that has already bloomed

To bring smaller buds out of the ground

Watering them with the fluids of education

So they might produce new information to teach

A new generation that will be smarter than the first

You are the gardener

Living in a garden that you have created

Bringing the variety

And keeping the select types that you prefer

Keeping the garden trimmed weeded

And most of all watered

Hope that the garden will never

Shrink but continue to grow

Balancing each other out

The larger helping out the smaller

While the smaller steady the larger

1 comment:

The Unknowngnome said...

Your garden is tended beautifully. Your words are living. Your words are life.

I like the vase shape you've given the poem.