Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Turmoil Within

A peace of unimaginable power

A chaos that is impossible to stop

Two colliding forces

Seemingly choosing never to end

Won’t one break

What will be the deciding factor

Peace fighting or the calm

Chaos fighting for blood shed

Two sides that tear at the mind

While the peace fights for calm

It tears with destruction

While the chaos fight for destruction

It leaves behind a solemn peace

The two seem to create each other

Trying to bring each other down

It just doesn’t seem right that

One can destroy what it creates

Unless it stops fighting back

And waits for the other to die out

And slowly lose all the resources it feeds on

One can’t live without the other

So to fight is to keep ones self from going extinct

A twilight is left when chaos fades

And a fiery waste land is left when peace disappears

A mind that is confused which must it choose

Both one or the neither

Both would lead to the mind torn apart

Peace would lead to a life in twilight

And chaos would lead to a complete and total annihilation of all morality

And neither is just for those who wish to stay the way they are

1 comment:

That's IT! said...

"A Turmoil Within" is a wonderful expression of the challenge faced by everyone. We are constantly caught between the extremes and must mediate our desires and the constraints of our environment. Thank you for expressing so poignantly what all of experience.