Saturday, May 29, 2010

Successes and Slip-ups

Celebration for a graduation
Punishment for a mistake

We love to live in success, and spotlights;
And hate to be seen as failures

Which causes a question
Why don't we always try our hardest?

Constantly beating ourselves up
Just because we didn't do something right

does it seem right,
to be so harsh on ones self?

We may not always be able to try again
But can't we try new ideas and learn?

Perhaps we deserve what we do to ourselves
Perhaps we feel victimized by others

But our successes make us so happy
They are achievements that we did

Why should all those bad thoughts and failures weigh us down?
Forget them they don't make you feel good

Just think of all the people who are proud of you for what went right
Think about what you've done to make yourself happy

if the lives of people are good then they are successful
then they can proceed with more successes

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